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Enterprise Information System (EIS) - EIS Communicator - September 10, 2004

EIS - The Maine Documentation
September 10, 2004

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It is unusual for three issues of the Communicator to be published in one week, but after the challenge of the past three weeks, we felt an update with good news was warranted. Here is the latest update in the program as well as the latest on the two problems with MR Services and Support Assessment V.5.

MR General Note V.1 Now Available
Last night a patch was installed in the EIS that now allows the entry of notes dated prior to 09/01/2004. The V.1 is available when a date before 09/01/2004 needs to be entered. Use the new V.2 note when a date is after 09/01/2004. CAUTION: BOTH NOTES ARE AVAILABLE, SO TAKE CARE TO SELECT THE CORRECT NOTE VERSION. This problem will be corrected as quickly as possible. Again this disruption was completely unforeseen and we do apologize for the complications and aggravations that occurred.

MR Crisis Note Problem
Due to the installed patch to correct the MR General Note problem above, both the current and earlier versions of the MR Crisis Note are available now as well. The same cautionary note applies to the use of the MR Crisis Note. CAUTION: BOTH NOTES ARE AVAILABLE, SO TAKE CARE TO SELECT THE CORRECT NOTE VERSION. As with the MR General Note above, this problem will be corrected as quickly as possible.

MR General Note V.2 Instructions Now Available
Using the hyperlink below, you can open and print if you wish the instructions that now posted on the web. The instructions are found by going to the BDS Data Center Welcome Page, then click on training tools, and then EIS Instructions, which opens the Mental Retardation Web Page that allows access to all MR Communicators and EIS Instructions. By clicking on EIS Instructions, the list of available instructions is made available. Close to the bottom of the list, you will find “Definitions/Instructions of ISC Contact Type for MR General Note (version 2)”. When you open this Word document, please be patient because it opens slowly due to the graphic representations of the note page in the instructions.

As you review the instructions or definitions, please feel free to contact Lisa McGrath or Terry Sandusky for clarification or additional information.

The hyperlink to the instructions is:\Index.html

MY Events Update (Good News)
The My Events now shows 15 clients at a time in the Client List. This list is also fully alphabetized. These changes now speed the selection of clients for documentation update purposes. Using My Events for managing access to clients where quick access is needed has definitely improved with these changes. I know some staff are still avoiding the MY Events and using their People List Page. While this is one way of accessing the caseload, it is now not the quickest way to access clients whose records are opened frequently. The People List Page requires extra clicks and name entry to access a given client and it does not show a list of 15 clients. MY Events can open access to a client on the caseload in one or two clicks. This is much quicker.
For instructions on the use of MY Events, please use the hyperlink below:\Index.html

NEW Updates and Corrections

Notes List Date Sorting
The Notes List now defaults to a sorting order that starts with last entered note and lists in descending chronological order all notes. You may reverse that sort order by clicking on the Start Date in the list header. Click once to reverse the sort order, and then click again to reverse it back to the default order. Give it a try. Remember this works on the Start Date column.

Navigation Problems Corrected
The following additional corrections are now installed in the program.

Error Report
The error report that came up when attempting to move through the list of reports in the EIS Reports component has been corrected. You do not have to go back to the beginning of the list to go to the next report you wish to run.

Authorization – Organization List Filter
When entering authorization, the organization list correctly filters for the correct organizations to be used in entering the authorization.

Add Note Finish Button Error
Frequently error pages would occur when the finish button was selected after entering date and title of the note and selecting the note type to be used. These error pages have been eliminated.

Assessment List Page Sort
The Assessment List Page can sort the list of assessments in the same manner as outlined above for the Notes List Page. The assessments display in ascending order and are switched to descending sort order by clicking the Start Date column heading. Click a second time to reverse back to original order. Keep in mind that the default list sort is ascending in date order. We do have a fix request in to correct the listing of current and ended assessments. Right now the list contain both types of assessments.

Text Box: The Promise For the EIS tools and instruments reported on in this issue of the MR EIS Communicator, we promise not to make any changes to them for one year, unless there is a court mandated requirement or significant change in a new release of the EIS.   

Remember Notify the Helpdesk of any problems – Each problem will be sent to the appropriate OIS staff for resolution.
It is fine to copy me since I receive all MR related problems.

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