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Enterprise Information System (EIS) - EIS Communicator - September 01, 2004

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September 01, 2004


The new MR Services and Supports Assessment – V5 is now online and available for us, but we are experiencing some unusual problems. The more deadly problem we are assessing the foundation of the program to determine why it is occurring. When a solution is found, OIS staff will implement a fix. The second problem listed below is a less serious problem and can be easily fixed by the user. We realize these problem two problems are hampering your work and as a result there will be an adjustment in the due date for completion of the updating. The new dates are in the third section below.

Problem 1 – Duplicate Answers to the Education Type Question

Right a number of assessments will not save when this question’s answer is changed. To avoid this problem, please complete the assessment with answering or changing this question: “Type of Education”. The assessment should then save properly. As soon as a fix is available you will be updated. If the assessment fails on another question, please let the Helpdesk know as they are tracking closely the number of incidents that occur.

Problem 2 – Duplicate V.5 Assessments

The second problem involves ISC’s finding multiple V.5’s for an individual client. We ran a report found that several clients had 2 or more V.4’s. When the V.5 was created from the V.4, there was one created for each open V.4 (No End Date). The fix for this problem is an easy fix. The ISC should open the duplicate V.5 and enter an end date and close the assessment. One V.5 should remain open that will be updated as the current valid V.5. You may ask which V.5 is the best one to update. Generally it will be the one listed last on the assessment list page. It should match the most copy of the recent of the multiple V.4’s.

Date Change

Because of these two problems creating difficulties in the use of the V.5, the deadline dates are being adjusted as follows:

Community Class Members – September 15, 2004

Non-class Members – September 30, 2004

Currently, our reports show over 50 percent completion in the updating. A second report shows a wide range of variability in staff update completions. Many ISC’s have 30 to 36 updates completed, but there are also many who are at the 1-4 level of completion with a number of ISC’s in the middle of this completion range. I thank those who have completed their updates and urge everyone else to get to completion as quickly as possible. I realize some cannot reach full completion until problem 1 above is corrected, however not all clients are affected by the problem and they can be updated safely.

MR Services and Supports Individual Report – Printer Friendly Report #299

This printer friendly report is nearly complete. We are trying to resolve a simple reporting of the data in the correct order. This report can be found on the general page of the MR Services and Supports Assessment V.5. By clicking on the printer friendly button, the user parameter page opens and allows you to select the report and the type of format. The best user format is PDF format. The report prints all items under current services regardless of answer. The potential and current unmet needs only report needs that have either a “yes” answer or dates indicating the need was met.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for your patience and struggle with the V.5. It will become a powerful and useful tool when these problems are put behind us. The V.5 will help us automate the monthly case management billing and quarterly contact reports. The time saved from these manual tasks will transfer to EIS time that will speed work performance. The promise below is a big promise and we are attempting to hold to it as well as improve data quality and service management. We are working to improve decision-making and facilitate improved documentation. Thank you again for all your efforts and all the e-mails we have received. It helped us examine and determine fixes for the assessment.

Text Box: The Promise For the EIS tools and instruments reported on in this issue of the MR EIS Communicator, we promise not to make any changes to them for one year, unless there is a court mandated requirement or significant change in a new release of the EIS.   

Remember Notify the Helpdesk of any problems – Each problem will be sent to the appropriate OIS staff for resolution.
It is fine to copy me since I receive all MR related problems.

That’s ALL Folks – Do write, call or send smoke signals