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Enterprise Information System (EIS) - EIS Communicator - April 04, 2004

EIS The Maine Documentation System
April 04, 2004

Good News Update

This coming week the new updating release of the EIS will become effective. Release 2 contains some significant changes, most of which are behind the scenes. There are some obvious changes that we are highlighting in this newsletter.

1. MY Events
Until now the “MY EVENTS” has not fully functioned. With release 2, you find that the first screen that opens after the login is the MY EVENTS screen. This new feature will allow you to immediately go to your caseload as well as see any ticklers (coming in the next two months). MY EVENTS, when fully used, speeds daily documentation and updates much more quickly. Initially, you will not see you case load when it opens because MY EVENTS is set up through the “Set Preferences” at the bottom which allows you to select all of your caseload to be seen in MY EVENTS or only certain active individuals. This feature is particularly helpful to crisis team members, regional supervisors and team leaders who have the opportunity to see many more individuals than an Individual Support Coordinator.

You may refer back to your original training materials for how to use “MY EVENTS”, or wait until we have published new instructions.

2. Security Access Changes
EIS Security will be upgraded with this new release as well. If you have difficulty accessing clients or components after the new release goes live, please contact the Helpdesk. They will triage the calls and send to the appropriate person for correction.

3. Notes
As a reader of this newsletter, you are asked to encourage your team members to read this newsletter to find out about changes and new procedures with the EIS. This newsletter will be the place to find the news of the moment as well as the current and future status of the EIS. EIS is here to stay, so please read these newsletters to become as knowledgeable as possible with the system through these newsletters. Thanks

Remember Notify the Helpdesk of any problems – Each problem will be sent to the appropriate OIS staff for resolution.
It is fine to copy me since I receive all MR related problems.

That’s ALL Folks – Do write, call or send smoke signals