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Enterprise Information System (EIS) - EIS Communicator - June 04, 2003

EIS - The Maine Documentation
June 04, 2003

ISSUE 12 06/04/2003

EIS Cruise Events

Training for new staff and those who missed their Phase 2 training will be held July 18-20 and 26-27. This training covers all areas including crisis processes. The training will be held in the Greenlaw Computer Lab on AMHI campus next to central office. Travel has been previously approved for all staff needing EIS training. To register for the training, please call or e-mail Wendy Christian at 287-8400. This will be the last training until Children and Mental Health Services complete their Phase 2 Training.

Letters to Terry

Terry, in our OLD system, the MIS, we were able to enter demographic data (part 1) on everyone referred, and only enter needs information (part 2) on those found eligible. Can we do the same thing in EIS??? Tim

Dear Tim,
Yes, You can start the intake process and then close the person out on step 4 Common Service Request.

1. Enter as much application information as you have and begin MR Intake and Eligibility Process.
2. Complete Steps 1-3.
3. Add Common Service Referral and in the first dimension fill in the Presenting Problem and indicate if referral is being made and then following it select No Further Action, close.
4. If a future referral will be done, leave process open, unless the intake will be more than a year away.
5. If no future intake process is anticipated and the person was referred to another agency(ies), go to step 2 complete a client tracking     form as the "From" source, and then close the step and the process.

After that close the entire process.

Terry, Resource Coordinators are supposed to be putting in the checklist information for the Waiver program, so we do need Processes. Thanks. Norma

Dear Norma,
Yes you will be getting processes, but we are waiting for Harry T. to catch us up because the checklists must be entered in chronological order. In the next week or so you should be getting access to processes.

Client Information Report
This week the MR ISC’s in Presque Isle ran the first serious test of this report. It was a great success. Some minor errors were found and are being corrected. This report should be available by the end of next week. What is the Client Information Report? It is the replacement of the MRMIS Master File Card. This report contains much of the People Component information including critical information and all current open relationships. It comes in two versions HTML for cutting and pasting into other documents, or a PDF for standalone purposes.

As part of the Shake Down Cruise, ISC’s have discovered a problem in saving notes. The problem is the length of notes narrative field being placed in the note narrative. This field is 4,000 characters in size and that includes spaces and punctuation. Roughly the size of the narrative field is equivalent to 35 to 45 lines of text in an open Word Document, two to three handwritten pages. IN other words, this is a very long “note”.
What seems to be happening is that staff is attempting to write only one note per month in which a multitude of activities and interactions are occurring, thus extremely long notes are been written. In other cases, some are attempting to write transcripts of meetings or interactions and these are quite lengthy. The result of having a too long note is that white error pages are occurring or there is an inability to save the note. There is nothing more exasperating as loosing a lengthy piece of work.

I urge you to avoid this problem by:

  1. Writing separate notes for significant but unrelated events;
  2. Break the note into two units by using the added description field, which may be repeated as often as needed; and
  3. Work at learning more concise wording to reduce rambling wordiness.
    We do plan in August to implement a new release of EIS that will launch new defaults for staff name, date, and organization. This will speed the note writing process. I am also negotiating with OIS, MH Services, and CS Services to reduce the number of domains for MR use to 15 alphabetized domains. The reluctance to write notes should be substantially reduced if the EIS navigation can be simplified.

New EIS Release
In August we are expecting our next release of the EIS. There will be four releases expected each year starting with this August release. These releases are where we find enhancements and improvements of the EIS. Coming in August will be:

1. New name, date and organization defaults
2. Business Process Wizard Fix
3. Address Page will be new opening page for People Component
4. Search capability on Social Security Number
5. Notes Date Filter Change to Start Date
6. Versioning of a Business Process Wizard
7. Service Package Procedure Codes Access
8. Authorization List Page Error to Allow Multiple Providers for Same Service Type
9. Security Access to Reports
10. Prevent the Accidental Multiple Add of New Persons
11. Advance Notification Before You Time Out – May be available
12. Search Problem Fix
There may also be a three other smaller releases this fall that will correct or make needed enhancements. Stay Tuned.

Bill Hughes and I have been meeting with Children Services to finalize the EIS procedure and data collection process for Children Services Providers to use in referring children for adult services. We will be sharing the process in few weeks.

Person Centered Action Plan Training
Paul Tabor and Bill Hughes are scheduled to begin this training in late June and continue to Mid-July. Be ready for the announced dates. This will be a provider and staff training event on the new statewide-required action plan format.

Rack, Ruin and Wreck Cruise
April 15 to June 15

The Cruise is going well. The system continues to improve in its stability and the issues identified are being addressed. Keep up the good work.

Beginning April 15, 16, 2003, MR Services is launching the next expansion of the EIS. This expansion is the shakedown cruise of the EIS. The program is quite stable at this time and with the additional hardware that has been added it is improving in speed. On the 15th, 16th most several (see above) of the MR processes will be working and released to staff for use.

The general attitude our adopted for this shakedown cruise is that we want to identify any operational issues or concerns that may exist. Knowing that staff will be using the program full time and in almost all its capabilities, we will learn whether the program and its hardware can take use and abuse that will occur between April 15th and June 15th. Forgiveness for mistakes and errors will be generously given to everyone as we observe the functioning and responsiveness of the program.

During this time everyone should work straightforwardly with the program and not fear any problem that may arise. All that we ask is that problems be reported to the BDS Helpdesk with a copy to me. The BDS Helpdesk will help if possible or triage your problem and refer it to the appropriate staff member.

While the shakedown cruise is underway, there will be releases of new solutions to problems as well as updates to processes that may demonstrate some limitation. Watch your e-mail for updated information, and most importantly watch for alerts on the EIS Login Page.

The Data Center has a limited number of staff who appreciate your patience as they work to solve

Reports, Reports, Reports
This is now becoming the most important activity. There approximately 30 or so reports that in the mill for review, testing, repair and release. We hope to many open and available to you in June. The Client Information Report and the two Notes Reports are our priority concerns. The new Representative Payee Program is also nearing the final test stage. Again, Stay Alert and be ready.

Important Note:
EIS Logon from the Maine State Homepage is active. This logon is outside the state firewall and only requires your user ID and password. The website address is: Check EIS at bottom of index.
Most Important
When working from your home computer, you must not save any confidential information on your computer. This would be considered a major breach of security and subject to appropriate discipline.

DATA Cleaning
On June 10, the Human Service Aides will receive a number of marching orders to take back to their offices. With coming releases of information, the Rancourt Settlement Implementation, the PCP Action Plan Training, and the launching of Reportable Events, everyone is going to have a lot work to between August and October. Be ready for their discussions with you at local staff meetings regarding data work that will need to be done. The last big push before we are in normal EIS life.

Remember Notify the Helpdesk of any problems – Each problem will be sent to the appropriate OIS staff for resolution.
It is fine to copy me since I receive all MR related problems.

That’s ALL Folks – Do write, call or send smoke signals