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Enterprise Information System (EIS) - EIS Communicator - April 14, 2004

EIS - The Maine Documentation
April 14, 2003

ISSUE 10 04/14/2003

Launching the EIS Cruise
Today we launch with the release of the MR Intake and Eligibility Process and all of the connected assessments components, including the revised MR Case Management Status Assessment. The Intake Process may be backdated as much as needed to January 1, 2003.

The MR Case Management Status Assessment has been revised to incorporate a question regarding the date of first service. The Rancourt Settlement requires BDS to calculate the time from signed permission for service to date of actual first service and not just the date an ISC is assigned. The date of first significant contact is to be entered into the date field for this question. It is not necessary to re-do the assessments already completed. The new version will be used from here forward. The older version will be replaced if there is a change or at the next annual plan.

The MR Crisis Processes are being simplified and will be released tomorrow April 15th. Some of the steps are being collapsed into single steps in the process.

The MR Guardianship Processes will be released on Wednesday. Final testing is underway. The Phase 2 training helped identify changes that needed to be made before release.

By Friday the first printable reports will be released. The first is the replacement for the MRMIS Masterfile Card. This report is will be called the MR Client Relationship Report. The report prints name, address, key ID numbers, alerts and all listed relationships with addresses and phone numbers.

Important Instruction:
If you have been entering People Relationships without entering addresses and phone numbers, then please stop the practice immediately and begin entering the proper addresses for those that have not been entered. You will be able to retrieve this information in the MR Client Relationship Report.

Also on Friday, the MR Services and Supports Individual Assessment will be printable. It will be taken to the Person Centered Planning Meetings and reviewed by the team to document needs and services. The assessment takes the place of the MRMIS Part 2 that was used for planning document. The updating of this assessment is based on team decision.

Notes are being prepared for release. We hope to have the capability of printing individual notes and a series of notes. Friday is our target date for these report releases.

MR Individual Support Coordinator Caseload List Report will be released on Friday. The report does work, but there are some security access requirements to be resolved.

Rack, Ruin and Wreck Cruise
April 15 to June 15

Beginning April 15, 2003, MR Services is launching the next expansion of the EIS. This expansion is the shakedown cruise of the EIS. The program is quite stable at this time and with the additional hardware that has been added it is improving in speed. On the 15th, most of the MR processes will be working and released to staff for use.

The general attitude our adopted for this shakedown cruise is that we want to identify any operational issues or concerns that may exist. Knowing that staff will be using the program full time and in almost all its capabilities, we will learn whether the program and its hardware can take use and abuse that will occur between April 15th and June 15th. Forgiveness for mistakes and errors will be generously given to everyone as we observe the functioning and responsiveness of the program.

During this time everyone should work straightforwardly with the program and not fear any problem that may arise. All that we ask is that problems be reported to the BDS Helpdesk with a copy to me. The BDS Helpdesk will help if possible or triage your problem and refer it to the appropriate staff member.

While the shakedown cruise is underway, there will be releases of new solutions to problems as well as updates to processes that may demonstrate some limitation. Watch your e-mail for updated information, and most importantly watch for alerts on the EIS Login Page.

The Data Center has a limited number of staff who appreciate your patience as they work to solve operational problems. They have the challenge of getting Children Services online at the same time, plus prepare for Mental Health Services later in the summer.

Important Note:
EIS Logon from the Maine State Homepage is active. This logon is outside the state firewall and only requires your user ID and password. The website address is: Check EIS at bottom of index.

Most Important
When working from your home computer, you must not save any confidential information on your computer. This would be considered a major breach of security and subject to appropriate discipline.

Coming Attractions
The following processes are being opened as follows:

April 15, 2003
MR Crisis Contact
MR Crisis Residential Admission
MR Funding Request
MR Waiver Process

Master File Card Report Notes Detail
ISC Caseload Report Plans: PCP’s – Forecast #46
MR Services and Supports Individual Report MR Services and Supports Summary

May 1, 2003
Reportable Events – Restraint Reporting Only

July 1, 2003
Person Centered Action Plans
Reportable Events – All Other Types

April 15, 2003 – July 1, 2003
Numerous Reports and Printer Friendlies come online

Reminder Notes:

Operation Dates:
1. We have completed Phase 2 training this past week. A make-up training session will be announced soon for all new MR BDS employees and other non-employees who need both Introductory and Advanced EIS Training. There are several conflicts delaying the training.
2. April 23 1:00 – 4:00 pm – Human Services Aide 3 Meeting to review data management issues
3. April 24 9:30 – 3:30 – MR Expert Users, HAS 3’s, MR co-trainers to review support and ongoing training issues for MR staff.
4. April 29 9:30 – 12:30 MR Management Team and Regional Supervisors Mgt. to discuss report needs from EIS.

Other information

Hardware Upgrade:
The Bureau of Information Services (BIS) has been going through a series of equipment upgrades that will help EIS operations. They are installing a separate storage unit that will offload the EIS data from the operations servers. This change in storage should bring about a substantial increase in speed, maybe as much as 30 percent. BIS and CNSI will relocate the reports component to separate server to reduce the current conflict between the reports module and program servers. This conflict slows the servers and knocks them offline occasionally. This should further stabilize and speed up the system.

Program Upgrade:
This past week another significant program release occurred. One of the major corrections is the prevention of the entering duplicate clients. Recently, adding duplicate clients has become quite a problem. There are several other improvements made to correct or add to the program.

Report Development:
There are now 79 reports published to the three service population leads to test and review. There are a total of 114 reports in the queue for testing and release all three service populations. A number of these are MR reports. As soon as I have completed the testing and adjusting of these reports they will be released. The current published MR list for testing includes the following:

Client Relationship Report Current Assessment Instruments
Notes Detail Client List New
Reportable Events Summary #24 Total Events by Reportable Event
Total Number of Events by Level and Resolution Reportable Events by Level by Region
Reportable Events by Provider Type Reportable Events Summary #34
MR Waiver Claims by Procedure Code MR Waiver Authorizations by Provider by Client
MR Waiver Authorizations by Procedure Code and by Provider Total Authorizations by Procedure Code by Provider
Restraints by Month by Region ISC Caseload Report
Plans: PCP’s – Forecast #46 MR Services and Supports Individual Report
MR Services and Supports Summary MR Medication Errors
MR MIS Part One Report #72 Organization Location Address Report


(Note: These reports will be available from the Reports Component on the EIS Main Menu, however employee groups will be authorized as to which reports they will be able to access. Not all reports will be open to all employees, but for example, all ISC’s will be able to see those reports designed for ISC use.)

Documentation Development:
A major challenge has been the development of working documentation for all staff. Right now everyone should have their original Introductory Training Package and with the completion of Phase 2 training their Advanced Training Package. We do know that this is not completely adequate and are developing materials around the People Component and its list of values. Also a combined Case Management and EIS Manuel is being developed. There have been many moving targets that we have attempted wrestle down in order to write the manual. Many of these targets are related to our two major court actions that have been going through negotiations for a long time with almost weekly change. The goal is to have this documentation completed by June.

Remember Notify the Helpdesk of any problems – Each problem will be sent to the appropriate OIS staff for resolution.
It is fine to copy me since I receive all MR related problems.

That’s ALL Folks – Do write, call or send smoke signals