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Enterprise Information System (EIS) - EIS Communicator - September 15, 2002

EIS The Maine Documentation
September 15, 2002

Operation Reminders:

1. The following MR-MIS data load assessments cannot be changed or edited:

  • MR Needs Inventory
  • MR Diagnostic Summary
  • MR Employment Summary
  • MR General Needs Inventory
  • MR-MIS Data Load Plan
  • MR-MIS Data Load Notes

These are all MR-MIS Data Load items that will not be useable in the EIS except to reference. The EIS components, types and attached tools must be used. Thus, a housing note cannot be attached to Housing on the MR General Needs Inventory, but must be attached to the MR Services and Supports Received Assessment.

2. Please use the Common Rx and Dx Assessment to record medications on Dimension 3 Mediation Assessment that will be used to generate the critical information sheet.

3. All ISC’s should be doing MR General Notes until plans are entered so that planning notes may be attached.

4. The Eligibility Intake process is working and can be used.

5. ISC’s should begin completing the MR Service and Supports Received assessment. Dimension 1 is currently received services and supports. Dimension 2 is potentially needed services and supports at some undetermined time in the future. Please remember that potentially needed services should be reviewed at the annual planning meeting.

6. The Processes are nearing completion. They only require the addition of the needed ticklers or manual notifications. This should be completed in the next two days.

Items Being Fixed:

1. Sorting on SP-Primary at the People List Page
2. Review Defaults on Dates, Users, and Organizations
3. Defaults changed on Plans
4. Default to USA for country
5. Reading ability of closed notes

Many other items are on the list for the upcoming amendment of the vendor contract for EIS development.

Suggestions Received:

Peter Alexander

  • Regarding Reportable Events. Creating an EIS screen that matches the RE form is essential.
  • Also, will all incidents, levels and types, be included on one reportable events form? This will be most helpful.
  • Will the Reportable Events Policy be reviewed/revised and distributed to BDS staff and providers?
  • One form with check off boxes for type and level of incident and a brief description section all at the top for easy review will be very helpful. An instruction cover sheet will be very helpful.
  • Should single incidents that are repeated require going from an Incident/Accident to a Critical Incident. What do you think?
  • The current policy requires providers to report and investigate, however, this is not happening consistently. Will the department send a letter along with the revised policy and form with specific instruction for implementation?
  • I noticed that the current Critical Incident Report does not have a section for provider to identify action to be taken to prevent future incidents (staff training, supervision, disciplinary action, etc.). This is an essential area to include.
  • Should medication errors that are repeated result in a requirement that medication certified staff receive retraining and possibly loss of certification for period of time in severe cases????

Questions of the Day:

Sue Freitas

  • To transfer consumers to another office, is it as simple as adding an end date to the Regional Relationship and the Caseworker Relationship and establishing both again for the new Region/Office and caseworker? (Ans: Yes but you need the next step below.)
  • Should a Client Tracking Record, as a referral, be created also? (Ans: Yes it is required.)
  • And, because the ticklers are not ready to tickle, I am assuming that some kind of verbal communication must happen to notify the receiving office. (Ans: Regional transfer must be done according to the procedure in the case management manual. The EIS only documents the transfer. Contact and planning must occur according to the transfer process.)
  • And, will the transfer show up in the new caseworkers My Events people list. (Ans: Yes)

Lisa McGrath

  • When putting a Housing Note in this section, the EIS does not save the note. Any suggestions? (Ans: This is one of the MR-MIS data load assessments. No changes, deletions, or changes can be made to the MR-MIS data load assessments. A note can be added to the MR Services and Supports Received Assessment where we will be keeping track of the information.)
  • What is the status of Master File Cards? (Ans: They will be in the production version soon. I am reviewing initial drafts now of the format.)

Bryna Leeman

  • We were trying to locate housing needs for a consumer that we know the need is currently unmet. I anchored the person and went into the assessment field like it said in the EIS for MR-MIS Users. No information regarding housing needs could be found. Is this because not all of the MIS data has been or could be transferred to the EIS? (Ans: After anchoring on the person, go to assessments, then MR General Needs, then to the show menu and open the questionnaire, and go to dimension b Housing. If there is nothing there for the person, then either the information was not in the MR-MIS three weeks ago when the cut over occurred, or there is something else wrong?)

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