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Enterprise Information System (EIS) - EIS Communicator - October 21, 2002

EIS The Maine Documentation
October 21, 2002

ISSUE 5 10/21/2002

Important Note:
Please do not have staff complete the MR Services and Supports Assessment at this time. The incorrect version is in the EIS Currently, but will be replaced soon. Version 1 does contain the “90-day Unmet Needs Assessment.”

Operation Reminders:
This month at the joint Team Leaders and Regional Supervisors meeting the following decisions were made for the next 90 days:

  • ISC’s will
    - Focus on reviewing and updating the People Component Information for each person on the case load;
    - Continue to enter MR General Notes in the EIS regardless of whether an action plan has been entered; and,
    - Complete the MR Services and Supports Assessment (On hold until replaced with correct version).
  • Regional Supervisors and CO Program Team will meet 2nd and 4th Tuesdays to review implementation of the EIS for MR Services.
  • Paul Tabor, Bill Hughes and Terry will work in training staff and providers on the Person-centered Action Plan format.
  • Terry and Bill will complete the Reportable Events component and process of the EIS.
  • Terry will arrange training for the following specialty staff groups (Lab Schedule is being reviewed):
    - Intake staff – 1 day – Intake and Eligibility Process
    - Regional Supervisors – 3 days All MR Processes and Forms
    - Human Services Aides, MR Administrative Support Staff, and MR Quality Improvement Specialists – 3 to 5 days All MR Processes, Forms and Help Processes
    - Additional Training as Needed for MR BP Consultants and Expert Users
  • Terry and Bill will complete the Case Management Manual and accompanying Processes Instructions.
  • Resolve all user access issues.

Items Being Fixed:
1. Mike Biddle reported that the addresses have been fixed by going with the current MR-MIS address and adjusting other other addresses so there is no overlapping dates.

2. Notes Description has been expanded from 2000 character to 4000 characters. Review Defaults on
Many other items are on the list for the upcoming amendment of the vendor contract for EIS development.

3. F.A.Qs (Frequently Asked Questions) from training have now been placed on a spreadsheet that can be accessed just before the login screen. Click on FAQ's and the Excel sheets will open. They are listed by EIS Menu component at the bottom of the Excel screen.

4. In the future, each person before going to the login screen will see an action button that will open a listing of new updates and additions to the EIS. This will help alert staff to changes.

Suggestions Received:
On Thursday last week, the HAS 3’s and MR QI staff met and received support training on the assigned projects for the start of the EIS. They were shown how to use the Supervisor Coverage Assignment page, the People: Address, Association, and Relationship pages, and the MR Services and Supports Assessment. They should be able to assist staff in answering questions on these pages.

They put forward several suggestions and will be meeting again on November 7. They should all be attending the November 6 Information System Infrastructure Convention.

That’s ALL Folks – Do write, call or send smoke signals