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Enterprise Information System (EIS) - EIS Communicator - October 10, 2002

EIS The Maine Documentation
October 10, 2002

ISSUE 4 10/10/2002 (Revised)

Operation Reminders:
This month at the joint Team Leaders and Regional Supervisors meeting the following decisions were made for the next 90 days:

  • ISC’s will
    - Focus on reviewing and updating the People Component Information for each person on the case load;
    - Continue to enter MR General Notes in the EIS regardless of whether an action plan has been entered; and,
    - Complete the MR Services and Supports Assessment.
  • Regional Supervisors and CO Program Team will meet 2nd and 4th Tuesdays to review implementation of the EIS for MR Services.
  • Paul Tabor, Bill Hughes and Terry will work in training staff and providers on the Person-centered Action Plan format.
  • Terry and Bill will complete the Reportable Events component and process of the EIS.
  • Terry will arrange training for the following specialty staff groups:
    - Intake staff – 1 day – Intake and Eligibility Process
    - Regional Supervisors – 3 days All MR Processes and Forms
    - Human Services Aides, MR Administrative Support Staff, and MR Quality Improvement Specialists – 3 to 5 days All MR Processes, Forms and Help Processes
    - Additional Training as Needed for MR BP Consultants and Expert Users
  • Terry and Bill will complete the Case Management Manual and accompanying Processes Instructions.
  • Resolve all user access issues.

Items Being Fixed:

  1. Sorting on SP-Primary at the People List Page
  2. Review Defaults on Dates, Users, and Organizations
  3. Defaults changed on Plans
  4. Default to USA for country
  5. Reading ability of closed notes

Many other items are on the list for the upcoming amendment of the vendor contract for EIS development.


  • Addresses are being resolved. Apparently a number of people had multiple addresses come in through the data load. These addresses however overlap in their start and end dates, and this is the one thing that gives the EIS indigestion. This is why you are unable to change and save the corrected address. Rick Hayward and I have met and have decided to adjust the dates to make the EIS go. The most recent MR MIS date will be used to identify the current address. Staff will need to review as soon as this change is made to determine if the address is correct.

Suggestions Received:
Pat Grant

  • Also, it was mentioned at the staff meeting that some defaults were going to be put in place. It would be a great help if we could have a default so that every time we go to do a case note, a plan, or critical information; (especially the case notes) that we would automatically be put in as Department, BDS, Region II Augusta rather than having to flip through all of that each time we do a case note.
  • There is a need to review the Common Dx and Rx Assessment where medications are entered to make it more user friendly. It does not appear to be set up for out type of reporting.

Questions of the Day:
Pat Grant

  • The PCP Action Plan does not allow for entering the person’s history, education, employment skills, etc. and how can these be entered into the action plan? ( ANS: am unsure as to what you were told or what you may have expected, but the EIS is only capturing the action plan and not the "total" plan. The items you listed: a person's personal history, education, employment skills, likes, dislikes, recreation, activities, etc. are all parts of the PCP that is part of the paper record. They are not being captured by the EIS. I realize some people thought the EIS would do the complete PCP but that is not what is happening. We want PCP's to be as individualized as possible, so we are only capturing the actions as opposed to the complete document. I trust this not too disappointing, but we did not want to regiment the real plan.)

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