Behavioral Health

Enterprise Information System (EIS) - EIS Communicator - November 12, 2002

ISSUE 7 11/12/2002

Supremely Important

Each Regional Access Coordinator has been given a list of staff members who have not completed prerequisites for access to the EIS. They have been instructed to remove these staff members access until prerequisites are met.

Important Notes:
EIS Logon from the Maine State Homepage is active. This logon is outside the state firewall and only requires your user ID and password. The website address is: Check EIS at bottom of index.

Over the weekend, I ran several tests of the EIS using different modem speeds through my Internet service. The fifteen tests included calling up my caseload of 547 people and completing work in the Processes Component. My Internet service is a small provider located 60 miles away. Also I ran the same tests from my desktop computer at the office over the net.


Modem 33.0 KB

Modem 41.2 KB

Office Net

People List

10 sec's

9 sec's


MR Crisis Contact

6 sec's between functions

6 sec's between functions

5 sec's between functions


There are several considerations that must be kept in mind when considering the use the EIS through your local Internet service:

  • The quality of telephone lines to the home
  • The number of extension phones in the house
  • The speed of modem connection
  • The speed and size of computer memory
  • The speed of the computer processor

Anyone having difficulty with this connection should check with his or her Internet service provider and/or computer-servicing center. Do keep in mind the department will not be funding personal Internet services or computer upgrades.

Most Important
When working from your home computer, you must not save any confidential information on your computer. This would be considered a major breach of security and subject to appropriate discipline.

Reminder Notes:
The Office Coverage Function is now working. It is noted on the Alerts prior to EIS Login. Please review all alerts each time prior to entering the EIS.

Relationship addresses and contact information are still not available. WE realize the significance of not having this information available. This information is in the program but opening it for use and editing is critical concern and being resolved. Again stay tuned to the alerts prior to login and future editions of the MR EIS Communicator.

Please do not have staff complete the MR Services and Supports Assessment at this time. The incorrect version is in the EIS Currently, but will be replaced soon. Version 1 does contain the “90-day Unmet Needs Assessment.”

Please do not complete the Common Dx and RX Assessment at the present time. It is not complete. LOV’s for diagnosis and medications are being developed to add to the assessment. This is a high priority completion item.

Operation Reminders:
November 12 – Brown Bag Lunches starts and hosted by Information Services – These sessions originate from OIS in Augusta and are hosted over the video conference system.

Open to all BDS staff.

November 12 – MR Expanded Management Staff 9:30 – 3:00 – Lucerne Inn – Focus on Interregional Placement – including EIS instructions to match business process of transfer.

November 13 – December 9 – Mental Health EIS Introduction Training at all computer labs.

November 14 – MR Crisis Team Leaders train on the EIS Crisis Processes

November 15 – EIG Meeting followed by EIS Leads Meeting

November 18 - HSA 3’s

November 19 - MR Training Coordinators – PCP Action Form Review

November 20 – Community Inclusion Conference – Augusta

EIS Implementation Strategy:
Each service population (children, adult MH, adult MR/Autism), each BDS organization (Regional, central office and institutions) and each office location need to develop some strategy for effective EIS implementation. Muskie will continue to conduct introductory training for new employees and the Helpdesk is available. The leading issue now is the need for structured practice, remedial instruction, and local question answering. The ISIS Convention last week focused on this issue.

Everyone at the convention was incorporated into two subgroups of the “BIG” IS Team. Group one was the service population group. The MR Services group has agreed to meet every other month starting in January. The second group type was the organization group (Regions and Central Office). For example, the Region 3 group plans to meet monthly starting in January. Both of these groups will be targeting EIS implementation. At the office level, Region 3 Presque Isle hosts weekly structured computer training labs that focus on various topics of mutual concern.

Important questions are: “What implementation plans exist for you? What is your knowledge of the instruction and support available to you? Who has what EIS duty and how can they help you? What is my obligation to contribute to the implementation?”

Remember Notify the Helpdesk of any problems – Each problem will be sent to the appropriate OIS staff for resolution. It is fine to copy me since I receive all MR related problems.

That’s ALL Folks – Do write, call or send smoke signals