In support of DHHS vision of Maine people living safe, healthy and productive lives, the Office of Continuous Quality Improvement works to improve work culture, procedures, processes, and environments through the use of data to inform decision-making, continuous improvement approaches, and ongoing staff development and training.

  • Staff Education/Training Unit Detail +
    • The purpose of the Staff Education and Training Unit (SETU) of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services is to design, implement, monitor and evaluate a coherent and effective staff training system. Core competency programs, specialized training and consulting services are offered statewide, in each of the Departments geographic areas. The primary focus of the system is to meet the educational and training needs of the Department of Health and Human Services, foster and adoptive parents and local provider agencies, in order to improve the quality and delivery of social services to the citizens of Maine. Through the delivery of these programs it is our intent to be respectful, responsive, efficient and creative.