Project Priority List for All Other Sand/Salt Storage Areas

All sand/salt piles registered with the DEP were given a project priority number between 1 and 5.  Five factors were used to establish a project priority number for a sand/salt pile:

  • ground water monitoring data from nearby wells, or, if there were no wells to sample, the presence or absence of a public water system;
  • extent of visible damage to trees or wetlands;
  • whether the pile is located in an area zoned for commercial, industrial or similar use, or, in the absence of zoning, the likelihood that new houses with wells will be built near the sand/salt pile;
  • distance to the nearest public water supply well or intake; and
  • whether the pile is located on a significant sand and gravel aquifer.

Priority 1 sites are those having an immediate and substantial impact upon local drinking water supplies. Priority 5 sites have minimal impact upon local drinking and surface water.

The Board of Environmental Protection approved the project priority list at their September 21, 2000 meeting.  This list includes project priority numbers for more than 150 state and private sand/salt piles. 

The list is sorted by priority number and alphabetically by town within each priority.