Sand/Salt Pile Storage Area Registration and Variance Request

All sand/salt piles are required to be registered with the Department of Environmental Protection. Why?

Every sand/salt pile is a potential pollution source, just like an underground storage tank or a landfill. Groundwater is the resource most likely to be impacted by a sand/salt pile and the DEP has documented dozens of wells that have been rendered unfit by salt leaching from sand/salt piles.

Registration allows the DEP to track your sand/salt pile as a potential pollution source. It also provides us with a mechanism to reach you -- the operator -- with information you can use about upcoming regulatory changes and best management practices. Registration is also required by the new DEP Rule, Chapter 574, "Siting and Operation of Road Salt and Sand-Salt Storage Areas."

There is currently no fee for registering your sand/salt pile.

Included with the registration form are variance request forms. Chapter 574, Section 6 allows the Department to grant a site-specific variance from the siting or operational requirements of the rule when doing so will not have an adverse impact on water quality or the environment.

The registration form is two pages and the variance application is an additional two pages -- one page for siting variance requests and one page for operation variance requests. The combined form is available in two formats at the top of the page.

You may also contact Erich Kluck at (207) 592-2068 for a copy of the registration form. In addition, DEP can supply you with a local area map depicting significant sand & gravel aquifers and source water protection areas as well as a copy of the rule.

When you complete the registration form, mail it to:

Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection
Sand and Salt Pile Program
17 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0017

You will receive written confirmation that your registration form has been received and as to whether your site meets the siting criteria or additional information is needed. Once your site is registered, a DEP staffer will be by to geolocate (GPS) the site.