LakeSmart - Award Winners

Photo: 1st LakeSmart award winner, Hayes.

The LakeSmart Award, two signs and a certificate of recognition are presented to property owners who have received high marks (above 67%) in all four property evaluation categories: 

  • Driveway and parking areas
  • Structures and septic system
  • Lawn, recreation, and footpaths
  • Shorefront and beach area

There are 463 LakeSmart Awards as of 12/18/2011*

  • Watchic Lake in Standish has 15 awards with 10% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • Long Pond in Belgrade has 26 awards with 13% of targeted shoreline LakeSmart
  • Great Pond in Belgrade has 38 awards with 13% of targeted shorline LakeSmart
  • Crescent Lake in Raymond has 11 awards with 3.6% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • Taylor Pond in Mount Vernon has 8 awards with 3.6% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • East Pond in Oakland/Smithfield has 19 awards with 6% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • Keoka Lake in Waterford has 11 awards with 9% of the shoreline LakeSmart

*Percentages of LakeSmart awards are based on shoreline awards only

Gold Status Award

To recognize outstanding achievement, lakes that have reached 15% of shorefront properties with LakeSmart awards are granted Gold Status. Ten lakes have achieved Gold Status so far!

  • Wilson Pond in Wilton has 27 awards with 29% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • Lake Anasagunticook in Canton/Hartford has 26 awards with 15% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • Quimby Pond in Rangeley has 16 awards with 34% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • Farrington Pond in Lovell has 3 awards with 21% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • Pemaquid Lake in Damariscotta has 12 awards with 22% of targeted shorline LakeSmart
  • Green Pond in Oxford has 5 awards with 16% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • Biscay Pond in Waldoboro has 10 awards with 20% of the targeted shoreline LakeSmart
  • David Pond in Fayette has 20 awards with 16% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • Long Pond in Parsonsfield has 12 awards with 16% of all shoreline LakeSmart
  • Damariscotta Lake in Jefferson has 24 awards with 22% of the targeted shoreline LakeSmart

LakeSmart Award Winners to Date

Property Owner(s) Lake Name
Imad Khalidi Watchic Lake, Standish
Tamara Stock & Robin Moody Pemaquid Pond, Bremen
Richard & Sonia Clime Biscay Pond, Bristol
Russ Sabia Long Pond, Mt. Vernon
Lauren Shaw & Paul Feinberg Great Pond, Belgrade
Mary & Don Beane Great Pond, Rome
Mary & Don Beane Great Pond, Rome
Mary & Don Beane Great Pond, Rome
Camp Shaw Trust Paradise Pond, Damariscotta
Richard Orr & Cynthia Courtney Keoka Lake, Waterford
Pam & Wayne Newton Worthley Pond , Peru
Rich & Craig Stockwell Keoka Lake, Waterford
Priscilla Orr Treadwell & Richard Orr Keoka Lake, Waterford
John & June Caldwell Keoka Lake, Waterford
Bill & Sara Stockwell Keoka Lake, Waterford
Alan & Kathy Souza Keoka Lake, Waterford
Wilma Johnson Keoka Lake, Waterford
Ken & Mollie Perley Biscay Pond, Bristol
Steve & Karen Parker Watchic Lake, Standish
Dermot & Mag Groome Locke Pond, Chesterville
Tom & Nancy Kelly Long Pond, Belgrade
Wally & Norma Benjamin Pemaquid Lake, Damariscotta
Peter & Louise Riley Pemaquid Pond, Nobleboro
Bob & Naomi Behler Long Pond, Belgrade
Dan & Pam Pelletier Long Pond, Belgrade
Judy & Marty Lebson Great Pond, Belgrade
Nancy Whyte & Rudy Heintze Long Pond, Belgrade
Hilton & Catherine Salhanick Long Pond, Belgrade
Joe & Cindy Reese East Pond, Oakland
Joanne & Michael Bernstein Great Pond, Belgrade
David & Caroline Boring Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Don & Ingrid Stanley Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Bob & Poppy Mastrovita Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Lynette Beal Beech Hill Pond , Otis
Larry & Jeanine Lavigne Beech Hill Pond, Otis
Martin Rosenzweig Beech Hill Pond, Otis
Richard & Deborah Placek Beech Hill Pond, Otis
Jack Brown China Lake, China
MaryMargaret Halsey Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Charles & Andrea Newman Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Marilyn & Ron Speckmann Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Bill & Becki Thomas Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Anonymous Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Anonymous Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Anonymous Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
William & Virginia Hart Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Don Andrews David Pond, Fayette
Carmen Anastase David Pond, Fayette
Pamela Hetherly & Jacqueline Fournier David Pond, Fayette
Kenneth & Donna Hall David Pond, Fayette
Sarah & Daniel Lafond David Pond, Fayette
George Pollock East Pond, Oakland
Tom & Donna Mickewich East Pond, Oakland
Richard & Liz Knight East Pond, Oakland
Rob Levine & Val Schmitt East Pond, Smithfield
Barbara Presson Green Lake, Ellsworth
Anonymous Green Lake, Ellsworth
Audrey Tunney & Cara Groman Green Lake, Dedham
Lynn & Phyllis Matson Long Pond, Rome
Scott & Martha Finlay Great Pond, Belgrade
Michael & Bernadette Alford Great Pond, Rome
Cary & Lynne Johnson Great Pond, Rome
Liz & Fred Fontaine Great Pond, Belgrade
Paul & Marla David Great Pond, Belgrade
Michele & Michael Ginieczki Great Pond, Rome
Alex & Kathi Wall Long Pond, Rome
George & Diana Tobey Long Pond, Belgrade Lakes
Jeffrey & Deb Baron Long Pond, Rome
Julia & David Baldwin Long Pond, Mt. Vernon
Susan & Charlie Grover Long Pond, Belgrade
Joyce Bushey McGrath Pond, Oakland
Shepard & Doreen Swain Porter Lake, New Vineyard
Susy, Chris, & Joan Ellis Quimby Pond, Rangeley
Tom & Tess Ward Quimby Pond, Rangeley
Bill & Raymah Simpson Quimby Pond, Rangeley
Barb Coy Quimby Pond, Rangeley
Anonymous Webber Pond, Bremen
Elizabeth Ehrenfeld Webber Pond, Bremen
Deanna & Chet Day David Pond, Fayette
Property Owner(s) Lake Name
David Wilkins/Karen Otterstein Webber Pond, Bremen
Tom Stockwell Keoka Lake, Waterford
Charlie Tarbell Keoka Lake, Waterford
Richard Dillinbeck China Lake, South China
Tom & Hanna Chace Damariscotta, Nobleboro
Annie Soda Brettuns Pond, Livermore
Hal & Joan Jordan East Pond, Smithfield
Jerry & Linda Packard Webber Pond, Bremen
Barbara Kinney David Pond, Fayette
Richard & Ilana Roman Long Pond, Rockwood
Scott & Lauren Bolduc Long Pond, Rockwood
Dave & Izabella Hallet Great Pond, Aurora
Elaine Eadler & Tree Robbins Great Pond, Aurora
Beth & Michael Nowak Great Pond, Aurora
Ellen & Mal Dawson Salmon Lake, Belgrade
Peter & Jane Redmond East Pond, Smithfield
Sally Harwood East Pond, Smithfield
Dave Brown East Pond, Smithfield
Trudy Kaplan Salmon Lake, Belgrade
Robert & Larry LaFreniere Great Pond, Aurora
Roswitha (Rose) Talbot Long Pond, Rockwood
Tom & Ellen Sidar Great Pond, Aurora
Nancy & William Gregory Great Pond, Aurora
Debbie Boucher & Susan Pullen Great Pond, Aurora
Jim & Linda Seidel David Pond, Fayette
Mary Bayer & Leon Bresloff David Pond, Fayette
Richard & Elizabeth Hicks David Pond, Fayette
Robert & Dolly Batteese China Lake. China
Arne Kleplinger Keoka Lake, Waterford
Chip & Elizabeth Mason Keoka Lake, Waterford
Andy Tabor Keoka Lake, Waterford
William (Bill) & Mary Bausch Biscay Pond, Damariscotta
Joan & Roger Panek Paradise/Muddy Pond, Damariscotta
Tim & Pam Cyr Farrington Pond, Lovell
Steve & Patricia Shaw Great Pond. Aurora
Mary Griffith Lynch David Pond, Fayette
John & Wendy Schlosser Long Pond, Rockwood
Al & Meg Lippest China Lake, South China
Peter & Michelle Jenny China Lake, South China
Mary & John Benziges China Lake, South China
Pat, Stephanie, & Mel Ulmer & Klaus Sutner Long Pond, Rockwood
Al & Maureen Lantis East Pond, Smithfield
Megan & Steve Elms Wassokeag, Dexter
Ann Patterson Beech Hill, Otis
Ansel & Joan Boyce Beech Hill, Otis
Jim & Judy York Beech Hill, Otis
Tom & Patty Rolfson Beech Hill, Otis
Robert & Marjory Tribodeau Beech Hill, Otis
Gloria & Gary Wheaton Beech Hill, Otis
John & Madeline Schroder Green Lake, Ellsworth
Dave & Beth Jackson East Pond. Smithfield
David & Ruth Hollis Long Pond, Belgrade
Armand & Barbara Rouleau Lake Anasagunticook, Hartford
Carroll & Sandra Howes Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
James Patrick & Linda J. Stanton David Pond, Fayette
Joanna Gabel & Mary Griffith Lynch David Pond, Fayette
Deborah Cayer David Pond, Chesterville
Lake View Estates Homeowners Associaton David Pond, Fayette
David & Ruth Harris Long Pond, Belgrade
Chris & Denise Hayes Pemaquid Lake, Damariscotta
Jan & Jake Faulstich Pemaquid Lake, Damariscotta
David & Sue Gay Great Pond, Rome
Rowan & Willow Rowntree Damariscotta Lake
Ann & Tren Dolbear Long Pond
Stephen & Ann McNees Long Pond
Dan & Karen Arsenault Worthley Pond , Peru
Bill Hine Worthley Pond, Peru
Jan Hooley Worthley Pond, Peru
Fran Bird Worthley Pond, Peru
Property Owner(s) Lake Name
Joe & Suzanne Bruno Crescent Lake, Raymond
Greg Naylor Crescent Lake, Raymond
Nathan & Sarah Kimble Crescent Lake, Raymond
John & Shirley Hammon Crescent Lake, Raymond
Larry & Cathy Bennigson Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Carol Anderson Sand Pond, Chesterville
Reginald & Sylvia Richards Sand Pond, Chesterville
Gary & Nancy Vanpelt Mirror Pond, Oxford
Marlee Turner Crescent Lake, Raymond
Martha Naismith Pemaquid Pond , Nobleboro
Glen & Ruth Evans Wilson Lake, Wilton
Bob & Melanie Pullo Wilson Lake, Wilton
Wayne C. Smith Jr. Wilson Lake, Wilton
Russell Canterbury & Gloria Biscay Pond, Breman
Bob Wheeler Webber Pond, Breman
Redmond & Leslie McNeill Damariscotta Lake, Nobleboro
Cynthia Hilton Pemaquid Pond, Nobleboro
Herb Luther Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Stanzel Family Porter Lake Trust Porter Lake, New Vinyard
Debbie Lingwood Crescent Lake, Raymond
Debbie Lingwood Crescent Lake, Raymond
Arthur Halprin Crescent Lake, Raymond
Ralph & Marilyn Tedesco Farrington Pond, Lovell
Ken & Deedee Heath Pemaquid Pond, Nobleboro
Sonny & June Decoster Green Pond, Oxford
Bob Benson & Julie Cameron Green Pond, Oxford
Rob & Diane Jones East Pond, Smithfield
Charles McCandlish Great Pond, Rome
Appleton & Caroline Mason Crescent Lake, Raymond
Karen Norman Great Pond, Rome
Helen Walsh Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson
Dave & Jo Comeau East Pond, Smithfield
Tracy Cove Association Long Pond, Rome
Harold & Sueann Charles China Lake, China
Camp Agawam Crescent Lake, Raymond
Keith & Claudine McNamara China Lake, China
Jeanne Kreiger Great Pond, Rome
Max & Susan Hillson East Pond, Smithfield
Bruce & Kathy Daniels China Lake, China
Francis Murray China Lake, China
David Landry China Lake, China
Ted & Cindy Hesson East Pond, Smithfield
Gordon & Diane Woods East Pond, Smithfield
Betsy & Jerry Tipper East Pond, Oakland
Camp Agawam Crescent Lake, Raymond
Ron & Donna Dombrowski East Pond, Smithfield
Mel & Kathy Craft East Pond, Oakland
Ed & Blanche Bourdeau China Lake, China
Dr. Arthur Brown Great Pond, Rome
Anonymous home owner Great Pond, Rome
Lynda & Rick Murray Great Pond, Rome
Anonymous home owner China Lake, China
Mary and John Hart Otterfein Biscay Pond, Damariscotta
Bill and Nancy Marshall Pemaquid Lake, Damariscotta
Peter and Judi Lawrence Pemaquid Lake, Damariscotta
Tim Axelson China Lake, China
Peter Caldwell & Nancy Woodberry & Justin Hebert China Lake, China
Property Owner(s) Lake Name
Jeff and Kathy Murray Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
Tom Harvey Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
Ralph Neer Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
David and Marjory Kraske Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
Donna and Terry Harvey Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
Dana and Beverly Eames Wilson Lake, Wilton
James and Joanne Brooks Wilson Lake, Wilton
Dr. Craig and Lori Lewis Wilson Lake, Wilton
Alden and Anne Wattles Porter Lake, New Vineyard
Anonymous home owner Wilson Lake, Wilton
Marc and Wendy Tardif Taylor Pond, Auburn
Thomas, Ben and Allison Saviello Wilson Lake, Wilton
Scott and Karen Craig Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
David and Kathy Theriault Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
Dennis and Julia Mallach Green Lake, Ellsworth
James and Margaret Chapin Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Oquossoc
Marc Moreau and Julie Goodfriend Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Oquossoc
Alan Charles Great Pond, Rome
Sandy Cobb Great Pond, Belgrade
Jack and Claire Downing Wassookeag Lake, Dexter
Dana and Kay Little Taylor Pond, Auburn
Larry and Bonnie Faiman Taylor Pond, Auburn
Dave and Saskia Grody Long Pond, Rome
Gerald and Mary Herrick Wassookeag Lake, Dexter
Richard and Martha Pfirman Wassookeag Lake, Dexter
David Soltis and Michael Ann Wells Wassookeag Lake, Dexter
Tony and Liz Schutte Cupsuptic Lake, Adamstown
Thomas Whalen & Susan Atwood Wilson Lake, Wilton
Dan Buckley Wilson Lake, Wilton
Anonymous home owner Wasookeag Lake, Dexter
Chris and Karen Malone Long Pond, Rome
Dave and Ruth Tashian Long Pond, Rome
Derek Andrews and Karen Stuart Locke Pond, Chesterville
Diana Brown Locke Pond, Chesterville
Winifred Bickford Lake Anasagunticook, Hartford
Justin Wharton Cobbossee Lake, Monmouth
Mark and Kathy Smith Cobbossee Lake, Winthrop
Ken and Mary Smith Cobbossee Lake, W. Gardiner
Elaine Fuller Cobbossee Lake, Manchester
David and Vivian Dennett Cobbossee Lake, E. Winthrop
Allen and Joan Bildner Cobbossee Lake, Monmouth
Conrad and Lois Ayotte Cobbossee Lake, Manchester
Richard and Wanda Hoelz Locke Pond, Chesterville
Derek Andrews and Karen Stuart Locke Pond, Chesterville
Sue Neal Lake Annabessacook, Winthrop
Paul and JoEllen Cottrell Maranacook Lake, Winthrop
Howard and Brenda Lake Maranacook Lake, Readfield
Chris and Karen Malone Long Pond, Rome
Dave and Ruth Tashjian Long Pond, Rome
Charlie and Antoinette Tarbell Watchic lake
Dave and Sherry Clement Worthley Pond, Peru
Property Owner(s) Lake Name
Jean Trueblood Long Pond, Belgrade
Steve and Pat Center Watchic Lake, Standish
David and Claire Drew Watchic Lake, Standish
Jack and Patty Guenthner Watchic Lake, Standish
Anonymous home owner Watchic Lake, Standish
Tim Priestly Taylor Pond, Auburn
Woody and Susan Trask Taylor Pond, Auburn
Chip and Laura Foye Great Pond, Belgrade
Camp Runoia Great Pond, Belgrade
James E. Cahill Porter Lake, New Vineyard
Richard & Glendalyn Hargreaves Porter Lake, New Vineyard
Larry & Debbie Onie Long Pond, Rome
Charlie & Anne McCandlish Great Pond, Rome
Donald & Frances Sykes Mooselookmeguntic Lake
Sandy Beach Trust Mooselookmeguntic Lake
Richard & Sue Greenan Long Pond, Rome
John & Carole Hunter Loone Lake,Dallas Plantation
Baruch & Jean Blumberg Rangeley Lake, Rangeley
John & Priscilla Kotyk Watchic Lake, Standish
David & Elaine Bradbury Watchic Lake, Standish
Anonymous home owner Watchic Lake, Standish
John & Linda Pace Watchic Lake, Standish
Jeff Mitchell & Laura Woodbury Wilson Lake, Wilton
Betty & Stephen Harris Wilson Lake, Wilton
Anonymous home owner Taylor Pond, Auburn
Martha Day Long Pond, Parsonfield
Buddy & Jane Cohen Long Pond, Parsonfield
Mark Dunbar Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Michael & Penny Weinstein Green Lake, Dedham
Rebecca Black Green Lake, Ellsworth
Kathy Smith Green Lake, Ellsworth
Marty Jacobs & Carol Thomas Long Pond, Parsonsfield
Brenda Adams Anasagunticook Lake, Canton
Ronald & Irene Garry Anasagunticook Lake, Canton
Bill & Carolyn Gray Anasagunticook Lake, Canton
Mike & Sharon Poulin Anasagunticook Lake, Canton
Rick & Diane Ray Anasagunticook Lake, Canton
Tim & MaryEllen Kirwan Anasagunticook Lake, Canton
Terry & Regine Smith Anasagunticook Lake, Canton
Gene & Meredith Ranger Porter Lake, Strong
Jean Ferrari Porter Lake, New Vineyard
Suzel Listewnik Porter Lake, Strong
Matt & Mary Fiedman Great Pond, Rome
Peter & Betty Tilley Long Pond, Belgrade
Claude & Roselyn Reitenaner Puffers Pond, Dexter
Dave & Kim Malley Great Pond, Rome
Francis Sterner Great Pond, Rome
Joe & Sally LaVertu Geen Lake, Dedham
Lee & Terri Taylor Green Lake, Ellsworth
Joe & Carolyn Lebrun Green Lake, Ellsworth
Scotty Folger Green Lake, Ellsworth
Property Owner(s) Lake Name
Lorna and Ralph Whedon Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Winston Thomas Long Pond, Parsonsfield
Jay and Terry Snider Cobbosseecontee Lake
Peter and Marygrace Barber Pleasant Lake, Otisfield
Ethel and Craig Turner Thompson Lake, Otisfield
John Knight and Linda McGowan Wilson Pond, Wilton
Dan and Linda Seabold Wilson Pond, Wilton
Katherine and Keith Shoaps Wilson Pond, Wilton
Mary Ryan Wilson Pond, Wilton
Dennis and Linda Taylor Wilson Pond, Wilton
Jim and Jean Doughty Wilson Pond, Wilton
Tom and Paulette Cahn Wilson Pond, Wilton
Winn and Sandy Muller Wilson Pond, Wilton
The Van Marcke Family Green Lake, Ellsworth
Jeff Timm Cobbosseecontee Lake, Litchfield
Leonard Bachman Cupsuptic Lake, Adamstown
Dean and Norrine Nixon Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Rangeley Plantation
Robert and Sharon McClatchey Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Rangeley Plantation
Kay and Jack Emory Wassookeag Lake, Dexter
Kathy and Kevin Graham Wassookeag Lake, Dexter
Mary and Biff Atwater Lake Anasagunticook, Hartford
Bob and Beth Brauer Cobbosseecontee Lake, Litchfield
James and Anne Schmidt Maranacook Lake, Readfield
Margaret and John Taylor Lake Anasagunticook, Hartford
Jean and Dick Williams Lake Anasagunticook, Hartford
Bill and Joan Witkin Great Pond, Belgrade
Pat Donahue Great Pond, Belgrade
Cindy MacColl Long Pond, Belgrade
Frank and Pamela Lepera Long Pond, Belgrade
Dennis and Judy Landry Wilson Pond, Wilton
Dan and Pricilla Stevens Cobbosseecontee Lake, Winthrop
Robin and Angela Salvatore Cobbosseecontee Lake, Gardiner
Judy Goldberg Cobbosseecontee Lake, Monmouth
H. Allen and Dianne Ryan Cobbosseecontee Lake, Manchester
Pamela Somers West Pond, Parsonsfield
Maureen Maslak Long Pond, Rome
Peter and Becky Alter Long Pond, Rome
Ken and Bev Merrill Annabessacook Lake, Winthrop
Robert and Melissa Sievert Long Pond, Parsonsfield
Peter and Gail May Long Pond, Parsonsfield
The Larrabee Family Sand Pond, Monmouth
Leon Bresloff and Mary Bayer David Pond, Fayette
Robert and Patty Silvia Dodge Pond, Rangeley
Sara and David James Dodge Pond, Rangeley
David and Allison Sheffield Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Oquassoc
Joan and Glenn Yankee Rangeley Lake, Rangeley
Bob and Susan Moore Three Mile Pond, China
Dana Hartford Nokomis Pond, Newport
Property Owner(s) Lake Name
Judith and Howard Harris Watchic Lake, Standish
Afton and Alan Gove Parker Pond, Fayette
Cindy and Mark Fahey Long Pond, Parsonsfield
Joel and Barbara Alpert Long Pond, Parsonsfield
Judy Ingram Long Pond Parsonsfield
Eleanor Watson and Alan Wing Long Pond, Parsonsfield
Bob and Cindy Chesmore Long Pond, Parsonsfield
Lucia and Peter Swallow Porter Lake, Strong
Jackie Tanner Great Pond, Belgrade
Bob and Cindy Dunlap Green Lake, Ellsworth
Blaine and Natalie Horrocks Long Pond, Belgrade
Rick and Cyndie Smart Maranacook Lake, Readfield
Ellie Hopkins Locke Pond, Chesterville
Bob and Lynn Werner Clearwater Lake, Industry
Lea Ramirez Great Pond, Belgrade
Marge Humphreys Great Pond, Belgrade
Sandy Agrafiotis and Carl Pehrsson West Pond, Parsonsfield
Susan and Thomas Withrow Wilson Pond, Wilton
Betty and Colley Shibles Wilson Pond, Wilton
Dean and Jeannine Wells Parker Pond, Chesterville
Gerald and Heidi Hartz Parker Pond, Chesterville
John Blake Watchic Lake, Standish
Susan and Paul Rylander Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Jack Holmes Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Maggie and Roger Shannon Great Pond, Belgrade
Steve and Pat Center Watchic Lake, Standish
Dale and Philomena Brown Little Wilson Pond, Turner
Polly Beatie Great Pond, Belgrade
Judy and Tom Hamilton Lake Anasagunticook, Hartford
Jane and Bret Eberle Great Pond, Belgrade
Pat Lines Watchic Pond, Standish
Mary Laughlin Little Sebago Lake, Gray
Bob and Retha Crawford Wassookeag Lake, Dexter
Walter and Paula Hammerick Wilson Pond, Wilton
The Lausier Family Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Susan Johnsen and Buzz Croston Lake Anasagunticook, Hartford
Property Owner(s) Lake Name
Ben and Judy Tripp Watchic Lake, Standish
Shawn Shea Sterns Pond
Ron and Carol Gestwicki Five Kezar Ponds
Jack and Pat Zinke Taylor Pond, Auburn
Pat Baldwin Mousam Lake, Shapleigh
Christy Stout Green Lake, Dedham
Paul Wight Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Terry Holland Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Art House Square Pond, Shapleigh
Hank and Anne Goorhuis Taylor Pond, Auburn
Judy and Tom Hamilton Lake Anasagunticook, Hartford
Bart and Jean MacDonald Wilson Lake, Wilton
Anthony and Carolyn McLaughlin Wilson Lake, Wilton
Richard Jennings Lovejoy Pond
Nancy Prince Wilson Lake, Wilton
Andy and Anne Britt Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Dave and Kim Skaves Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Bill Chaydeane Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Darcy Parlee and Wendy Harpool Sebasticook Lake
Larry and Deborah Ferrell Sebasticook Lake
Jeanette Freeman Square Pond, Shapleigh
Dave and Dee Field Square Pond, Shapleigh
Dave and Sue Bowen Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
Michael and Terri Swanick Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
John and Beth Convey Lake Anasagunticook, Canton
Barbara and John Dunham Sebago Lake
Phil and Brenda Hopkins Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Property Owner(s) Lake Name
Donald and Anne Hayes Branch Lake, Ellsworth
David and Joyce Hardy Branch Lake, Ellsworth
Michael Dixon and Carmeron Dufresne Taylor Pond, Auburn

Pictures of Award Winning Properties

LakeSmart sign in well vegetated sloping shorefront
The Tripps found a great way to stabilize a steep slope.


native plants bordered with rocks
The Zinkes planted three native plant gardens with rock borders to reduce the size of their lawn.

The Hamiltons have three awards, one for this camp, one for their year round house located away from the lake and one for undeveloped lots on the lake.


Garden with large rocks and colorful flowers
The Wights have enhanced their rocky side yard with flowering plants and ground cover.