Know invasive aquatic species, take action against them

Invasive aquatic species hitch rides on clothing, boats, and items used in the water. When brought to another lake or stream, the nuisance species may spread. If conditions are right, these introduced species become established and cause drastic changes.

Aquatic hitchhikers pose these threats:

  • Reduce game and fish populations
  • Ruin boat engines and jam steering equipment
  • Make lakes/rivers unusable for boaters and swimmers
  • Degrade ecosystems
  • Reduce native species
  • Reduce property values
  • Affect local economies of water-dependent communities

Know invasive aquatic species

Take Action

Current Partners

  • Lake Associations make huge financial and volunteer contributions to preventing and controlling invasive species infestations. The DEP provides technical assistance and financial support to these groups. To get involved with your local lake association, e-mail and we will provide you current contact information for the association.
  • Lakes Environmental Association (LEA) – LEA administers the Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI) program and grants to local groups. They also train CBI boat inspectors and host the Maine Milfoil Summit. A grant from DEP helps fund these important programs.
  • Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) – The VLMP provides classroom and hands-on training in identification of aquatic plants and plant monitoring. A grant from DEP helps fund these important programs.