Watershed Protection Grant Program

Brief overview of the Watershed Protection Grant Program

This program provides funding (up to $1000) and classroom support for service learning projects designed to protect the water quality of a lake or stream and to educate the public about the relationship between land use and water quality.

6th grade students from Brunswick Jr. High plant a buffer to protect Mere Brook.


Have questions or need help developing your project for the grant proposal? If so, contact Denise Blanchette at 446-6548.

Who Can Apply?

Maine Teachers or Advisors of grades 4 through 12.


Action Projects

The activity must restore or protect a local freshwater resource (lake or stream that feeds a lake); no purely coastal applications can be funded. Projects should prevent soil erosion, reduce polluted stormwater or moderate temperature (streams only). A typical project would begin with classroom activities that help the students learn about the habitat, followed by a field survey, and culminate in a service learning project such as planting of a vegetated buffer, repairing eroded shorelines, ditches, or roads.

Learn more information about buffer planting and erosion control from the publications list . Check out the Sustainable Schools web site (off-site) for more information about rain gardens and integrating an action project into the curriculum.

Public Education

Students will educate the public about the knowledge gained through their watershed protection project. Some examples would be hosting a public event at the site upon completion, conducting a workshop to teach others in the community about how to complete a similar project on their property, and making a presentation to the municipal group that has the authority to make changes to protect the lake or stream watershed.


The applicant may ask for a maximum of $1000. Preference will be given to schools who involve community members and in-kind matches of plants or other materials. Funds can be used for materials to restore or improve the site, for transporting students to the site, for a sign at the site and for expendables related to public education.

How to Apply

Denise Blanchette
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
17 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0017