Small Community Grant Program (SCG)

The Small Community Grant Program provides grants to towns to help replace malfunctioning septic systems that are polluting a waterbody or causing a public nuisance. Grants can be used to fund from 25% to 100% of the design and construction costs, depending upon the income of the owners of the property, and the property's use. An actual pollution problem must be documented in order to qualify for funding. The highest priority is given to problems which are polluting a public drinking water supply or a shellfishing area. DEP grants are not available to provide septic systems for new homes, and any home constructed since October, 1974 must show evidence that a septic system was previously installed which complied with the Maine Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules. Grant applications must be submitted by the municipality in which the property owner resides. Applications must be sent to the department by January 31 in order to receive funding in that year except under special circumstances.

Individual families may qualify for the grant program if their federal taxable income for the previous year was $40,000 or less. Commercial establishments may qualify if their gross profit for the previous year was $100,000 or less. Potential applicants are not eligible for grant assistance if their income exceeds these figures. Applicants are required to show proof that they meet the income limit. A sliding-scale grant percentage applies depending on the amount of income or profit. Participants in the program are also required to grant an easement to the town allowing construction and inspection of the system.


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Small Community Grant Program
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