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Bureau of Remediation & Waste Management
Oil Storage Tank Search & Operator Training Online Service

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Welcome to the Oil Storage Tank Search & Operator Training Online Service

This free service provides public access to search the state's database of registered oil storage tanks and obtain registration certificates. The state's database includes all underground tanks that have been registered with DEP since 1986 (including tanks that have been removed) and aboveground tanks that have either been registered with DEP or permitted by the State Fire Marshall's office. Not all tanks that have been permitted with the Fire Marshal's office are in this database.

This service also allows operators of registered oil storage tank facilities in Maine to access an online training program and achieve certification as both a Class A and Class B operators. In accordance with the 2005 Energy Policy Act, a "Class A" Operator has primary responsibility for on-site operation and maintenance of underground storage tank systems. A "Class B" Operator has daily on-site responsibility for the operation and maintenance of underground storage tank systems. You may obtain one or more individual certifications for specific facilities or certification as a "General Operator" if you need certification for many facilities or want certification to operate any facility.

Who can use this service?

Both the Registered Oil Tank Search and Operator Certification Program are available to general public and free of charge, although the Operator Certification Program is designed for operators of underground oil storage facilities.

What you will need:

In order to use the online facility training and operator certification service, users will need to log-in with the following information:

  • Facility Registration Number (not applicable for general operators)
  • Legal name
  • Free Adobe Reader software (required to view/print registration certificates).





Questions about this Service? Contact the Underground Tanks Program at: (207) 287-2651