To: Environmental consultants working for Voluntary Response Action Program (“VRAP”) applicants

From: Nicholas J. Hodgkins, VRAP Coordinator

Date: May 1, 2008

Re: Procedure for naming pdf project files submitted to VRAP

In addition to submitting hard-copies of all reports/documents to VRAP for review, you will now be required to submit a compact-disk containing pdf files of all documents, maps, etc. that you submit. This effort represents the initial steps in moving VRAP towards electronic filing, which hopefully will make file reviews simpler and less time consuming in the future.

By way of this memo I am establishing the procedure for naming the pdf files that you submit to VRAP. Below is the naming format:

town site document date.pdf

In this format, “town” is the municipality the site is located in, “site” is the site name, “document” is the type of document (i.e. Phase I, Phase II, etc.), and date is the date of the document. Each document you send (including maps) should also be submitted in pdf format on a CD; because of restrictions on the incoming e-mails to the Department, I request that you please not send such documents via e-mail unless you receive specific permission to do so (on a site-by-site basis).

Please follow this procedure for any future VRAP submissions.

Thank you.