Opportunity for Comment

Chapter 1000, Pre-rulemaking working draft

Chapter 1000 May 9, 2014 working draft for comment

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has released a working draft of changes to the Shoreland Zoning rules prior to the formal rule-making process for public review. The changes to the rules provide for greater clarity and ensure that sustainable development can occur when there is no harm to the environment. Please send comments on the working draft by 5 pm, Friday, May 23 to:

Mark Margerum
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
State House Station 17
Augusta, Maine 04333-0017
Fax 207-287-2814

Supporting Documents

Report on the Shoreland Zoning Stakeholder Process, March 2012

Public Law 2013, Chapter 140 “An Act To Help Small Businesses and Promote Tourism by Allowing the Construction of a Deck over a River within a Downtown Revitalization Project”

Public Law 2013, Chapter 186 “An Act To Streamline the Approval of Accessibility Structures”

Public Law 2013, Chapter 231 “An Act Regarding Working Waterfront Projects”

Public Law 2013, Chapter 242 “An Act To Exempt Agriculture, Timber Harvesting and Public Employees from Certain Oversight in Shoreland Areas”

Public Law 2013, Chapter 320, “An Act To Amend the Mandatory Shoreland Zoning Laws”

Public Law 2013, Chapter 489 “An Act To Amend the Mandatory Shoreland Zoning Laws To Exclude Subsurface Waste Water Disposal Systems, Geothermal Heat Exchange Wells and Wells or Water Wells from the Definition of "Structure"