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[   ]Exhibit E The Department_s Proposed Amendments to the Wind Energy Act.PDF20-Dec-2013 16:19 14K 
[   ]Appeal Cover Letter.pdf05-Sep-2013 11:42 44K 
[   ]Exhibit B David Raphael Summary Table dated March 14, 2013.PDF05-Sep-2013 11:42 53K 
[   ]Exhibit A James F. Palmer Summary Table dated March 8, 2013.pdf05-Sep-2013 11:42 65K 
[   ]Exhibit C Kevin Boyle Summary Table dated March 8, 2013.PDF05-Sep-2013 11:42 150K 
[   ]Exhibit D Map Depicting the Ride the Wind Trail And Operating Wind Farms.PDF05-Sep-2013 11:42 219K 
[   ]Appeal Brief of Department Order Sept 2013 Final.pdf20-Dec-2013 16:19 2.5M 

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