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Board of Environmental Protection

December 6, 2012

9:00 a.m.

Civic Center, 76 Community Drive, Augusta

Updated Agenda November 30, 2012



A. Commissioner's Comments

B. Chairman's Comments

C. Executive Analyst's Comments

D. Board Calendar

E. Departmental Orders / Applications Accepted for Processing

II.Consent Agenda

  1. BEP Minutes - November 15, 2012 (approval)
  2. Final License for Central Maine Power Companies North Augusta Service Center Commercial Hazardous Waste Storage Facility/Corrected Order

    Staff: Stacy Ladner, Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management



007 1. Chapter 2 Rules Concerning the Processing of Applications and Other Administrative Matters / Draft Amendments (post for public hearing

Staff : Cynthia Bertocci, Board Executive Analyst



075 2. Chapter 882, Citizen Petition for Rulemaking to Require Safer Alternatives to Bisphenol A in Food and Beverage Packaging for Young / Initial Deliberative Session

Staff : Heather Parent, Policy Director



111 3. Board Report to the Legislature / Initial Discussion

Staff : Cynthia Bertocci, Board Executive Analyst



Next Regular Meeting –Thursday, December 20, 2012 – Civic Center, Augusta