Legislation and Rules

The legislation and rules associated with Pine Tree Development zones may be found on the Maine State Legislature website.

On 06/22/2009, LD 1473 was passed by the Maine legislature and signed by the Governor. This legislation modified the existing Pine Tree Development Zone program from being limited by location to being open statewide. If you have questions about the modifications, please contact a Governor's Account Executive.

Legislative Intent

The PTDZ initiative is intended to encourage and reward the creation of new qualified business activity statewide, especially in economically distressed areas of Maine.

  • The tax benefits are tied to the qualified business activity of a qualified business, i.e. investments in property and payroll that would not have occurred but for the initiative and that constitute an overall gain to the business and the Maine economy.
  • The initiative is not intended to provide tax benefits for simply shifting already existing business activity from one Maine location to another.

Please contact a Governor's Account Executive for more information.