DECD Commissioner to Visit Maine Boat Builders on December 11

AUGUSTA – Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) Commissioner George Gervais will visit some of Maine’s fastest-growing boat-building facilities on Wednesday, December 11.

“Maine’s economy is improving, and for many of these boat yards that means full steam ahead with production,” said Commissioner Gervais.

The tour kicks off at 10:30 a.m. in Trenton with a stop at Hinckley Yachts. In 2011 when Commissioner Gervais first visited Hinckley, they had fewer than 100 employees. Currently, the company employs nearly 200 people—and that’s still not enough to keep up with demand.

“For us it is ‘game on’ for continued job growth,” says Hinckley general manager Andrew Fitzpatrick. “Today we could easily bring on another 25 employees. This year we have delivered a total of 45 new boats and we have another 35 in production. These are exciting times for both our production and service business.”

Governor LePage Account Executive Brian Mulligan and DECD Business Development Director Brian Whitney will be joining Gervais. The tour is part of the LePage Administration’s ongoing proactive outreach to Maine business and industry; this time DECD is targeting boat builders that may be looking to expand product lines and boost capacity.

“Maine is a more competitive place to do business today than it was just three years ago,” added Gervais. “We have streamlined regulations, cut taxes and significantly lowered the cost of doing business. For our boat builders, this is exactly the competitive edge they need going forward.”

Boat building in Maine employs about 1,200 individuals, roughly 120 more than in 2010. The rise of light-weight, high-strength composites in the manufacturing process of hulls and accessories helped revolutionize the industry.

Commissioner Gervais also has confirmed visits to Ellis Boat Builders in Southwest Harbor and Morris Yachts in Bass Harbor.