Maine - Always Worth a Visit

AUGUSTA - Contrary to media reports, touring the beautiful areas of Maine is not threatened by the shutdown of our federal government. Acadia National Park may be closed for a short time, but the Bar Harbor and the Downeast region - as well as the rest of the state - is still very much open.

“Bar Harbor is full of trails, restaurants, local attractions and a variety of outdoor-activity businesses,” said Governor Paul R. LePage. “The scenic wonders of Downeast Maine cannot be closed off by failed leadership in Washington. Our great state has plenty to offer our frequent visitors, and they can’t take that away from us.”

With fall foliage visits well underway, the Maine Office of Tourism is aiming to build on what has already been a very successful summer. Restaurant sales are up 2.83% compared to 2013, and lodging sales throughout Maine are up over 4%. “Tourism is a $7.5 billion industry in Maine, responsible for 86,000 jobs and $416 million a year in sales tax,” said Maine Office of Tourism Director Carolann Ouellette.

Despite the federal government shutdown, hikers and bikers can still satisfy their love of the outdoors on Bar Island, Roque Bluffs State Park - or one of the many local nature preserves. Lovers of the ocean might be interested in taking a lighthouse tour - or whale watching with friends and family along the coastal necks. Asticou Azalea Garden is alive and well - and primed for a visit – much the same as the abundant Bed & Breakfast locations throughout Mount Desert Island. Rounds of golf, beer and wine tastings - and even a tour-by-sky are all still available to the visitor who wishes to truly experience the things that make our state unique.

Throughout Maine, there are apple orchards, pumpkin and produce farms, as well as Maine Made retailers, such as Lisa-Marie’s, in Bath, for the visitors looking for a little something that’s exclusive to our state they can take home with them.

A difficult period for federal leaders does not require Maine to hide its majesty. For people on their way to the Downeast: Don’t look back – it’s a perfect time to visit!


Acadia's Temporary Closure Disappointing, But Still Much to See and Enjoy