Maine Film Office Updates Its Online Production Guide to Better Showcase the State's Film Production Talent

~ All individuals and businesses that are available to support filmmaking in the state are encouraged to create a listing ~

AUGUSTA - In a move to make Maine a more attractive and competitive state in which to shoot films, the Maine Film Office (MFO) has updated its online "Production Guide" to better showcase the depth of film production talent available locally to filmmakers.

"The interest in Maine as a filming location is high right now," said MFO Director Karen Carberry Warhola. "The bottom line -- and the issue central to updates we've made to the Production Guide -- is that if the producers don't know that talented crew members exist in Maine, they're going to start looking at other states where they know local crew can be found."

Manpower ranks as one of the top expenses in producing a film. Filmmakers and production companies use local talent as a means to keep costs down because associated costs, such as lodging, travel and per diem, are eliminated or reduced. But many companies will immediately take a state out of contention if they believe the talent pool and associated services are not deep, said Carberry Warhola.

"The Production Guide allows us to more effectively promote Maine's talented crew members that are available to work on films, and to showcase a diverse variety of businesses that offer goods and services needed by productions filming in Maine," she said. "The Production Guide is the primary resource for producers who are looking for information about shooting in Maine."

Through the Production Guide, filmmakers have access to contact information for crew members who have created a listing in the guide's database. Additionally, they can search by specialty -- location manager, prop maker, costume designer, electrician, etc. -- to find people available to fill open jobs on the production.

All individuals and businesses that are available to support filmmaking in the state are encouraged to create a listing on the Production Guide.

"Everyone's participation in the Production Guide matters," said Governor Paul R. LePage. "It is important for the filmmaking industry in Maine to stand up and be counted so that Maine can get on the radar of producers scouting for filming locations in our state."

The Production Guide also connects producers with businesses that provide goods and services they need. Hotels, restaurants, car rental facilities, office supply stores, caterers, furniture stores, and equipment rentals facilities are just a few of the support services that supply goods and services needed by film productions.

By listing with Production Guide, local crew and support services can create and update their own profiles, describe their experience, list their credits, identify their associations, promote their own web sites, and upload a resume or company brochure.

The Maine Film Office Production Guide can be found by visiting and simply clicking "Production Guide."

The Maine Film Office is a division of the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development's Maine Office of Tourism. The film office helps bring film, television and other media projects to Maine; works to expand and improve Maine's in-state production industry; and helps Maine made media productions succeed.