DECD Red Tape Hotline Helps Solve Business Owners Problem 'Lickity Split'

AUGUSTA – The owner of a Sabattus ice cream shop says his dreams of opening another store in nearby Manchester could have melted away if he hadn’t picked up the phone and called the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and the Red Tape Hotline.

Mike Jillson of Fielder’s Choice Ice Cream says he was working to renovate the property when he found out he still needed a traffic flow permit which would have required a potential $15,000 traffic study and may have subjected him to fines if he didn’t comply. “This was obviously a huge amount of money which I had not budgeted for with this new business venture,” said Jillson.

A quick phone call to DECD’s Red Tape Hotline got the ball rolling. DECD Senior Program Manager, Ron McKinnon immediately reached out to colleagues at the Maine Department of Transportation.

Within 24 hours MaineDOT had connected with Jillson and both sides had reached a positive solution. “We quickly put his mind at ease. He does not require a traffic study and there will be no fine,” said DOT Manager of Legislative Affairs and Constituent Services, Nina Fisher.

The agreed upon solution is to use register sales from the current store in Sabattus, which by all accounts appear to be very similar to the shop being constructed in Manchester. Upon reviewing the Sabattus sales, both sides agree this new shop will not generate enough traffic per hour to require a permit, alleviating the need of a traffic flow study.

“What this shows is the Administration’s dedication to work together to find common sense solutions that put Mainers first and eliminate the unnecessary red tape that only impedes our ability to be open for business and to prosper,” said DECD Commissioner, George Gervais.