Maine’s 125th: Strides Towards Economic Prosperity

Media Contact: Doug Ray -; 207-624-9802 *Call for Commissioner Interview

AUGUSTA – With the State of Maine 125th Legislature coming to a close, Commissioner George Gervais praised lawmakers for their efforts to move Maine forward. Commissioner Gervais applauded legislators for helping him promote economic development, improve governmental efficiency and reduce red tape.

“The Legislature made considerable progress this session,” said Commissioner Gervais. “The people of Maine should consider the 2012 session a success. I appreciate legislators’ determination in helping us work towards our goal of economic prosperity. The Department of Economic and Community Development was able to achieve several key initiatives this session that will help drive our economy forward by encouraging job growth.”

Among the key successes:

• LD 323 - helps Maine attract new business and expand existing businesses by making the State’s New Market Tax Credit program available in more communities. The law also directs DECD to identify ways to develop and strengthen a Maine Brand, to leverage and streamline Maine’s marketing efforts. It will develop a strategy for the evaluation of state investments based on job creation, wages and revenues and also strengthens the relationship between the Maine Office of Tourism and industry representatives.

• LD 1695 - eliminates the burden of publicly displaying certain permits and licenses in retail establishments allowing business owners the flexibility to commercialize that space.

• LD 1735 - modifies the sales and use tax exemption allowing bus companies to use newer buses to transport cruise passengers within the State of Maine.

• LD 384 - (currently before Appropriations) improving Maine’s media incentive program with a goal of creating jobs and economic investment. This bill gives rebates on qualified expenditures for productions done in Maine using Maine companies and Maine workers.

• DECD is proud to have reestablished a working relationship with Maine and Company and looks forward to helping with their efforts to recruit out of state businesses.

• DECD’S Governor’s Account Executive Team is fully staffed and up and running. The team works with businesses to match programs, people and resources.

• LD 1 - Created a centralized site for all 988 permits, licenses and registrations needed to operate any business in Maine. The next step is a one stop shop where businesses can easily get all documents needed to operate simply by filling out just one form.