Maine Office of Tourism Leads Off, Launching Red Sox Radio Network Advertising Campaign

Augusta, Maine - It is opening day for the Red Sox 2012 season and for the Maine Office of Tourism’s new radio advertising campaign on the Red Sox Radio Network.

The campaign begins April 5 running through September and includes one 30-second spot during each of the 162 games; including a live in-game read of featured Maine events as well as a partial sponsorship of a pitching change where the 30-second spot will run.

"Having a portion of the advertising campaign start this early and run continuously in key markets throughout the season is a new strategy for us. In addition, the Red Sox Radio Network has very strong coverage throughout our primary target market of New England," said Carolann Ouellette, director of the Maine Office of Tourism.

Russell Walters, president of Northern Outdoors and representative from the Kennebec Valley Tourism Council agrees. "The Red Sox Radio campaign presents an innovative opportunity to deliver a summer-long series of messages highlighting unique and exciting Maine getaways to a loyal audience of listeners who have a strong connection to New England."

The network consists of nearly 70 stations, giving Maine more than 11,000 spots running during the regular baseball season. With just the 30 second spots alone, not counting the pitching change spots, the Maine ad will be heard nearly 38 million times by a quarter of a million people.

"This looks like a home run for the Maine Office of Tourism with its innovative and creative marketing promo on Red Sox radio stations. Maine should score big by advertising the benefits of visiting the state not only during the summer months but our shoulder seasons as well," said James Harmon, executive director of the Old Orchard Beach Chamber of Commerce.

The Red Sox Radio Network program is just one part of the newly integrated marketing campaign which consists of a broad spectrum of media that will be in the marketplace year round.