Happy 40th Anniversary to the Community Development Block Grant Program

40 years of……

Generating jobs. Between FY05-FY13, CDBG created/ retained 330,546 jobs.

Assisting businesses. Since FY07, CDBG has provided direct assistance to 220,695 businesses.

Leveraging other funds. For every $1.00 of CDBG investment, another $4.05 in private and public dollars is leveraged.

Providing safe, decent, affordable housing. Between FY05-FY13, CDBG assisted over one million low- and moderate-income homeowners rehabilitate their homes, provided down payment and closing cost assistance to qualified home buyers, and assisted homeowners with lead-based paint abatement, among other activities.

Providing crucial public improvements to communities. Between FY05-FY13, CDBG public improvements benefitted over 33 million low- and moderate-income people nationwide. These public improvements included senior centers, child care centers, group homes for persons with disabilities, shelters for victims of domestic violence and homeless veterans, health clinics providing vaccinations and dental care to low-income children, sanitary water and sewer systems, safe streets, and improved drainage systems, among others.

Providing needed public services. Between FY05-FY13, CDBG provided public services to over 105 million low- and moderate-income households. These services included employment training, meals and other services to the elderly, services to help abused and neglected children, assistance to local food banks, and many other services.

And we look forward to many, many more years of assistance to communities throughout the country. Thank you for your support of this most important program!

See HUD’s CDBG 40th Anniversary web page for highlights and videos of CDBG projects throughout the country! http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/programoffices/commplanning/communitydevelopment/CDBGTurns40 (Source: Council of State Community Development Agencies)

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