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Your feedback for enhancing DataShare with additional features, datasets and tools is greatly appreciated — it allows us to serve the people of Maine better.

Please note that datasets that contain sensitive information (e.g., personally identifiable information) are limited by privacy and security constraints and will not be available on DataShare. DataShare will be continuously improved and updated with a wide variety of available datasets and easy-to-use tools based on your feedback, in partnership with State Government.

Suggest a Data Set DataShare Gallery

The Gallery exhibits innovative websites and tools created by the public using DataShare files. These sites are not sponsored, endorsed, or managed by the state of Maine. They are provided as examples of how the data may be used, and as resources for the public.

If you have built a site or application using the information provided by DataShare, please submit it for display in the DataShare Gallery.

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Share what you've created

Have you created a web application using data from DataShare? Please submit a link to your published site/application so it can be included in our site. All requests must be reviewed and approved. If approved, all of the information you provide will be displayed along with your link, except for your email address.

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