Part K - Task Force to Study the Transition of BETR into BETE

Part K of the State of Maine biennial budget, PL 2013, c. 368, directs the Commissioner of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS), or the commissioner's designee, to convene a task force to study the most efficient and economical way to transition the Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement (BETR) program into the Business Equipment Tax Exemption (BETE) program.

The duties of the task for are to:

  • Review options for transitioning business equipment covered under the BETR program to the BETE program;
  • Consider the financial impact of these options on BETR program recipients, municipal budgets and the state budget and the larger impact on business investment;
  • Consider timing issues related to the transition and attempt to include efficiencies in the transition, administration and implementation of the change; and
  • Identify costs and benefits associated with each option and prioritize the options for the Legislature's consideration.

The DAFS Commissioner is required to submit a report of the task force’s review, with recommendations, to the Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Taxation by December 1, 2013.