Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services

The Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) is an innovative organization that coordinates a number of central services for departments within Maine State Government. To accomplish its various tasks and responsibilities the DAFS' service bureaus seek to work in partnership with other state agencies. Additionally, the Department works to provide quality services to Maine citizens and continues to establish processes that will ensure accountability in the State's financial performance that will warrant the highest level of public confidence.

What does DAFS do?

As our name implies, DAFS provides a number of financial and administrative services to both members of the public and various agencies of state government. Among our many responsibilities, DAFS:

  • Prepares and submits, at the direction of the governor or governor-elect, the budget document that is considered by the Maine Legislature every two years.
  • Manages and process the payroll for nearly 12,000 state employees.
  • Sets policy for and oversees the fiscal, human resource, technological, and facilities needs of state government, providing state agencies and their employees with the resources needed to serve their constituencies.
  • Collects the tax, liquor, and lottery revenues that flow to the General Fund, supporting activities across state government.