Bureau of the Budget

State Budget Officer Melissa Gott

The Bureau of the Budget provides central budget and position planning and control in support of gubernatorial objectives and legislative intent. This purpose represents a balanced approach for carrying out the initiatives of the Executive Department within the limits of legislative oversight to achieve the most effective outcomes within available budget resources. The powers and duties of the Bureau of the Budget are detailed in Title 5, § 1662 et seq.

The Bureau ensures compliance with all requirements reflected in 5 MRSA chapters 145 and 149 as well as numerous other sections of statute that require the State Budget Officer to make recommendations or take other actions. It prepares and submits biennially to the Governor (or the Governor-elect) a State budget document in accordance with 5 MRSA §1664 and §1666.

The Bureau examines and recommends for approval the work program and quarterly allotments of each department and agency of State Government before the appropriations or other funds of such departments and agencies become available for expenditure in accordance with 5 MRSA §1662 sub-§2 and §1667. It examines and recommends for approval any changes in the work programs and quarterly allotments during the fiscal year in accordance with 5 MRSA §1662 sub-§3 and §1667.

The Bureau also provides constant review of the administrative activities of the departments and agencies of the State, studies organization and administration, investigates duplication of work, formulates plans for better and more efficient management, and reports periodically to the Governor and on request to the Legislature in accordance with 5 MRSA §1662 sub-§4.

The State Budget Officer serves as a member of the Revenue Forecasting Committee and as a member of the Contract Review Committee.

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