Bureau of General Services

Interim Director Bert Bilodeau

The Bureau of General Services (BGS) provides consolidated management and coordinated oversight for a range of property, procurement, risk management and central services to meet the operational needs of State programs and services. BGS pursues cost-effective operations in its own activities and in the operations of other departments and agencies. BGS's enabling or authorizing laws can be found in 5 MRSA, Chapters 152 through 156, and Federal Management Regulations Title 41, Part 102-37.

BGS is comprised of seven functional divisions. The Director's office coordinates research, policy and reporting, inter-divisional and inter-agency initiatives, various statutory stakeholder groups, public improvement projects and expenditures as authorized by the Legislature, energy procurement and market monitoring, and a variety of other special projects.

The bureau has seven divisions:

  • Central Fleet Management
  • Central Services
  • Leased Space
  • Planning, Design and Construction
  • Property Management
  • Purchases

Learn more: http://www.maine.gov/bgs/
Contact: http://www.maine.gov/bgs/about/contactus.htm