Boards and Commissions

In addition to its eight bureaus, the Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) participates, to varying degrees, in a number of boards and commissions established in statute. Some of these, such as the Board of Tax Appeals and State Claims Commission, have staff that report directly to the commissioner of DAFS. In other instances, DAFS provides staff and/or administrative support to the board or commission in order to assist it and its members in carrying out their work.

Independent boards, such as the Board of Property Tax Review, do not formally fall under the umbrella of the Department but have some other tangential connection to DAFS. Additionally, from time to time, the Maine Legislature has seen fit to establish advisory committees, task forces, or work groups to conduct a specific scope of work.

Department Boards and Commissions

Independent Boards and Commissions

Advisory Committees, Task Forces, and Work Groups

  • Advisory Council on Tax-Deferred Arrangements