Maine is one of 19 states that regulates spirits within its borders. By controlling this product, the State is the only entity that may bring liquor into the state.

Our mission is to effectively regulate the spirits industry to insure responsible business practices and create a favorable economic climate while prohibiting sales to minors.

The State signed a 10-year lease with Maine Beverage Company in 2004. Maine Beverage is responsible for warehousing and delivery of distilled spirits and fortified wines to agency stores throughout Maine.

The listing and pricing of distilled spirits and fortified wines are determined by the Bureau with assistance of the Commission.

For more information about the control process in Maine or for questions relating to distilled spirits and fortified wines in Maine, please email the Bureau at MaineSpirits@maine.gov.

Current Specials

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Current Price List

To learn more about control states, visit the National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association.