Advisory Committee on Fair Competition with Private Enterprise

Government entities provide a wide variety of services to their constituencies. From time to time, some of those functions may adversely affect private enterprise. In 2000, the Maine Legislature created the Advisory Committee on Fair Competition with Private Enterprise to review complaints where competition with private enterprise is potentially unfair.

The Advisory Committee consists of members from government agencies, the university, the public and private sector, and a state employee who meet to review complaints on government competition with private enterprise.

The Committee began its work shortly after appointment in the fall of 2000. It took several steps to organize a thoughtful process for interaction with persons or businesses, which perceived unfair competition by government agencies. Since its inception, it has reviewed a number of complaints of unfair competition by government with private enterprise in a variety of areas such as, water testing, printing, and textbook sales.

The Advisory Committee's responsibilities were expanded during the first regular session of the 121st Maine Legislature with the enactment of Title 5, Section 55-A (Public Law 2003, Chap. 238). The Committee's responsibilities under Section 55-A are to approve services and goods sought to be provided by state agencies that are not otherwise allowed by law, and may compete with private enterprise. As part of its 2004 activities, the Committee clarified its new responsibilities and advised state agencies of this new requirement. It also developed a process for reviewing these types of requests from agencies.


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Chairman, Advisory Committee on Fair Competition
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