About Us

The Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) has a broad range of responsibilities in serving the Executive, the Maine Legislature, all state agencies, and the public. DAFS serves as the principal fiscal advisor to the Governor; prepares the state budget; coordinates the financial planning and programming activities of state agencies; and advises the Maine Legislature on the financial status of State Government. The Department oversees all aspects of the civil service system and employee training and benefits.

Additionally, the Department conducts negotiations within the collective bargaining process on behalf of all state agencies. DAFS is responsible for maintenance of state owned buildings and grounds, management of public improvements (new construction, renovations and repairs), and procurement of leased premises. Various internal services for state agencies are also provided by the Department, including review of accounting transactions and procedures; implementation of account controls; operation of the computer network system; delivery of information technology services; coordination of postal services; administration of risk management/self insurance and management of purchases and surplus property. DAFS also administers the state's lottery operations and sale of alcohol and collects state revenues necessary to support state government and agency programs.