The Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Local and Regional Services

The Grant Program:

The Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Local and Regional Services provides grants to encourage and support cooperation among municipalities and regional governments with the goal of reducing property taxes and, ultimately, lowering Maine's tax burden.

Two or more municipalities and regional government subdivisions may apply for funding to:

  • Collaborate as a means of delivering governmental services;
  • Enhance an existing (or develop a new) regionalized system for delivery of governmental services;
  • Consolidate services or functions directly related to delivery of governmental services; or
  • Joint purchase of goods and services directly related to delivery of governmental services.

Applicants for cooperative grants must demonstrate significant savings in the cost of delivering local and regional governmental services.

Status of the Fund:

There is currently no funding for this grant program.

History and Background:

Funding for this grant program was established as part of the School Finance Act of 2003, the citizens' initiative known as Question 1A and Public Law 2005, c. 2 , commonly referred to as LD 1. This law created the Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Local and Regional Services, a non-lapsing account, capitalized by a transfer of 2% of municipal revenue sharing. In 2007, the Legislature capped funding for the grant program at $500,000 per year. During budget deliberations for FY 08-09 and again for FY10-11, the funding for the regional efficiency grant program was reallocated.

To date, the Fund has supported 40 projects totaling $1.5 million.

More Information:

For more information: Grant Fact Sheet (PDF format).

Additional information regarding the grant program may be found under the annual reports section. The reports provide information regarding the grant application process, how the grant funds were distributed and background on the local and regional grant projects.

Statutory Link:

The Local and Regional Efficiency Grant Fund is governed by Title 30-A §6201, et seq.


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