Beverage Container Redemption Laws & Rules

A Guide to Selling Beverages in the State of Maine

A step by step guide to assist you in meeting the Beverage Plant Licensing and Bottle Bill label registration, initiator of deposit and pick-up contract agent licensing requirements.
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A Guide to Selling Beverages in the State of Maine - (PDF file)

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2015 Returnable Container Registration List(4 MB Excel file)
[Please note: New registrations are entered daily, check back often for updates to this list.]

Maine Beverage Container Licensing/Label Registration Application
For label registration, initiator of deposit, contracted agent. (>1 KB PDF file)

Label registration Addendum

Worksheet in MS Word format.
Worksheet as a PDF file.

Maine Bottle Redemption Statutes

Chapter 27: Manufacturers and Bottlers of Nonalcoholic Beverages [§1751 - §1854]

Chapter 28: Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers of Beverage Containers [§1867]

Maine Bottle Redemption Regulations

Ch.360:Licensing and Operating Local Redemption Centers, Responsibility of Distributor and Redemption Center