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Be a YardScaper: Plant a sign in your yard today!
  • Discover the YardScaper in you.
    Any backyard dabbler or seasoned pro can YardScape. Our Web site is an easy guide to learning the basics.

Your YardScape will express your own character in ways wall-to-wall turf cannot. Better yet, a lush YardScaping property conveys an important message about aesthetics: environmental responsibility is always in good taste.

  • Grow a YardScape, get a sign.
    If you pledge to grow a YardScape, you're eligible for your very own award of honor: a weather-resistant YardScaping sign. Take the Pledge!

We are currently out of signs. You are welcome to sign up for a sign, but it may be a number of months before we can get more. The previous funding sources have all been exhausted. Signs are free and available for pick up at your county Cooperative Extension or Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Or fill in and submit the form below and we will send you one.

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*Where did you hear about YardScaping?:


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  • Spread the word.
    Research shows friends and neighbors influence their friends and neighbors.

Being a YardScaper, for instance, means standing tall when you leave your grass clippings on the lawn for all to see (don't worry, these bits are quickly gobbled up by your lawn as part of its diet). And, get ready to answer curious questions like "What's that sign for?", "Is your lawn shrinking?", and "Why's my dog like your yard better?".

Don't YardScape in the dark. Enlighten others how they can become a YardScaper too.