Figure 45. Map-scale recumbent F1 folds and upright F2 folds outlined by the amphibolite unit (Ocea) in the Cape Elizabeth Formation (Oce) and by the Boothbay thrust (BBT). Blue lines indicate the trace of F1 axial planes; red lines indicate the trace of F2 axial planes. Rocks below the Boothbay thrust are shown in yellow. A. West limb of Boothbay anticline. B. East limb of Boothby anticline. C. Cross section along line X-Y shown in map B. Hinge labeled F1? is inferred so that the Ocea unit can connect with the Linekin Neck area to the east. SOb: Bucksport Formation. HA: High-angle fault.

Last updated on January 25, 2006.