Figure 37. Schematic cross section from northwest corner of the Bath map sheet southeast to the edge of the Phippsburg synform at Phippsburg village. Inferred relations are shown of the Casco Bay Group (CB) to the East Harpswell Group (EH), and the Central Maine sequence (CM) to the Falmouth-Brunswick sequence (FB). The East Harpswell Group is inferred to be autochthonous below the Boothbay thrust, and may sit unconformably on the Casco Bay Group (dash-dot line). Surface exposures of CB are allochthonous. Other abbreviations: A: relative fault movement away from viewer; BP: Bethel Point Fm.; CE: Cape Elizabeth Fm.; HC: Hutchins Corner Fm.; MA: Mount Ararat Fm.; NP: Nehumkeag Pond Fm.; NPM: marble, amphibolite, and sulfidic schist in NP; PI: Peaks Island Member of the Cushing Fm.; RC: Richmond Corner Fm.; SE: Sebascodegan Fm.; T: relative fault movement toward viewer; TH: Torrey Hill Fm.; UCB: upper units of the Casco Bay Group, undivided; YI: Yarmouth Island Fm. Section not to scale. Units not colored where projected above ground.

Last updated on January 25, 2006.