Figure 33. Map showing major folds, faults, and the Christmas Cove dike. Abbreviations: bba, Boothbay anticline; BBT, Boothbay thrust; bps, Bay Point synform; BRF, Back River fault; CEF, Cape Elizabeth fault; css, Cape Small synform; D, down; FPF, Flying Point fault; ga, Georgetown antiform; hca, Hen Cove anticline; hna, Hart Neck antiform; hss, Harpswell Sound syncline; ma, Merepoint anticline; pcra, Port Clyde refolded anticline; PF, Phippsburg fault; pha, Pemaquid Harbor anticline; ps, Phippsburg synform; rcs, Robinhood Cove synform; SGEF, St. George estuary fault; SHF, South Harpswell fault; TBF, The Basin fault; U, up.

Last updated on January 25, 2006.