Figure 16. Detailed map of the Small Point area showing intermediate scale recumbent F1 folds. One set in the southeast part of the map is outlined by the calc-silicate and biotite granofels unit (Oceg). The other set, in the northern part, is outlined by the Spring Point (Osp) and Diamond Island (Odi) Formations. The larger north-trending folds that control the major geometry are F2 folds. (Unpublished detailed mapping of the Small Point 7½' quadrangle by A. M. Hussey II, 1970-1972.) Osc = Scarboro Fm; Odi = Diamond Island Fm; Osp = Spring Point Fm; Oce = Cape Elizabeth Fm; Ocep = pelitic phase of Oce; Oceq = quartzose phase of Oce; Oceg = calc-silicate and biotite granofels lens in Oce; Ocer = rusty weathering schist in Oce.

Last updated on January 25, 2006.