The Geology of the Two Lights and Crescent Beach State Parks Area, Cape Elizabeth, Maine


The formation and evolution of the beaches of the area brings to a close our examination of the geologic history of the Two Lights and Crescent Beach State Parks area. The rocks and sediments of the area preserve a treasure of information about the dynamic changes that shaped the rocks and scenery over a period of half a billion years. This time included deep-sea sedimentation, volcanism, the closing of an ancient ocean, deformation of the rocks and their transformation by heat and pressure, a protracted period of erosion of mountainous terrains following deformation, the opening of the present Atlantic Ocean, climatic changes late in the history that have resulted in major ice advances and retreats, and finally the evolution of beaches and marshes fringing the land.

I hope this narrative will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the geology and scenery during your visit to the two state parks and surrounding area of southwestern Maine.

Preface   Introduction   Rocks   Geologic History   Glaciation   Conclusion   Glossary

Last updated on January 16, 2008