Importation of Dogs and Cats into Maine for Resale or Adoption

This webpage contains information for individuals who wish to import dogs or cats into Maine for resale (sales to pet shops or other retail outlets) or for adoption (rescue groups who plan to bring dogs into Maine to be adopted by another person). Maine’s rules are very specific for animals in this classification and they include the following:

  1. Minimum age: 56 days.
  2. Certain core vaccinations required.
  3. Tests required for dogs >180 days old: lyme disease, heartworm, ehrlichiosis.
  4. Holding periods: 48 hours for animals over six months; five days for animals less than six months.
  5. Certificate of vaccination within 30 days of importation and health record must accompany animals.
  6. All organizations importing animals for resale or adoption must hold a valid permit with the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry.
  7. Other provisions can be found in the link to the rule below.
  8. Note: For pets travelling with their owners, the only requirement for dogs and cats to enter Maine is documentation that the animal is current on their rabies vaccination.