Maine Charter School Commission Meeting - March 25, 2013


Documents to be delivered to the Commission by the Board of Directors for Baxter Academy by March 18 in advance of the interview scheduled for March 21, 2013:


  1. The names of all current members of the Board of Directors for Baxter Academy, along with their resumes, the date of appointment to the board for each member, and their primary role as a board member (either office and/or special area of expertise).
  2. The number of current proposed enrollments, based on received letters of intent, along with the grade levels.  Include the numbers from each SAU, to the extent that this number is known.
  3. A statement on the financial status for the pre-opening period, with documentation on the status of funds either received or committed from donors, other fund-raising, or from commercial lines of credit.
  4. A current three-year budget plan.
  5. An updated organizational chart showing the key administrative positions and their relationship to the Board.
  6. The name and resume for the new Executive Director, if presently known. 
  7. If known, the names and resumes for the chief financial officer, director of technology, and the director of special education/special services.
  8. The status of the building lease agreement, together with a copy of the lease, if signed.
  9. A description of the present status of contracts for transportation, food service, custodial services.
  10. The names and roles of the current membership of the Advisory Board.
  11.  A description of the present status of a hiring plan for instructional staff.
  12.  Information on pending litigation against Baxter Academy of Technology and Science or its Board.