Maine Charter School Commission Meeting - March 25, 2013


Potential MCSC questions to the Baxter Academy Board of Directors for the March 25, 2013 Interview


  1. The Commission has a number of questions concerning Baxter Academy's financial capacity to open its school and to fulfill the requirements of the charter contract that we must enter into before the school may open and receive public tuition subsidy from the per pupil allocation as provided by law.   
    1. What is your current forecasted enrollment, based on a verified list of "intents to enroll" received from parents?  Has this list been checked to ensure that none of the caps on enrollment from one or more SAUs has not been exceeded?
    2. Do you have a revised three year budget plan based on: a) a new estimated enrollment plan; b) a revised staffing plan (including revisions to the administrative structure); and c) updated information on transportation, food service, and other contracted services?
    3. What is the status of the potential new line of credit? Has FAME agreed to serve as a guarantor? Is it able to be drawn upon at present?
    4. Does this plan have contingencies within it should enrollment drop below either the 150 student forecast as approved in the Commission's vote to grant a charter (date of vote), or in your current best estimate for enrollment numbers?
    5. What present revenue or other access to funds does the school have on hand to enable it to enter into either facilities lease or other contractual arrangements necessary before school opens?  Please specify the amounts available from donations, grants, other fundraising, and from an approved line of bank credit.


  1. With regard to the academic program offering:  In light of personnel and budgetary changes, what revisions, if any, does the school propose to make to its stated academic program and schedule based on its present enrollment projections?   
  2.  There has been high turnover on the Baxter Academies board of Directors since the first submission of its application and even since the vote to issue a charter.  The Commission needs further assurances that the present Board has the capacity necessary to enter a contract and open a school in September 2013.  Specifically, we need information and plans from the Board in the following areas:
    1. Based on updated list of Board members, their resumes and specific areas of expertise that will support Baxter Academy, what areas of needed expertise will you now seek to add? A timeline for this?
    2. Please give us an indication as to the frequency and number of  board meetings you have held since the vote to approve the charter and minutes of formal votes taken at those meetings.
    3. Can you give us an indication as to your projected number and frequency of planned board meeting going forward throughout this next year?
    4. How have you posted public notice of Board meetings to date? What is your plan for the future for notifying parents, staff and public about the dates and times for board meetings, and your plans, if any, to involve them in your decision making?
    5. Please list for us the action steps, with names of the specific Board member assigned, for specific operational tasks and oversight activities that the Board and school intend to make in order that school may open in September and operate throughout the first full year of operation.
  1.  What is the potential impact of any pending litigation on the ability to go forward as a school? How are the litigation costs to be paid? If the intellectual property is deemed not to belong to the school, how would this effect the ability to go forward as a school? If the litigation was to go for a long period of time, how would that affect the school?