Workshop Session Agenda


TO: Members of the Maine Charter School Commission

FROM: Bob Kautz, Executive Director; Jana Lapoint, Chair

DATE: October 25, 2013

RE: November 5, 2013, Maine Charter School Commission Workshop Session

On Tuesday, November 5, 9 a.m. – Noon, at the Cross State Office Building, 111 Sewall Street, Augusta, Room 103B, the Commission will meet in Workshop Session in accordance with the agenda as outlined below.       


Purpose: Achieve a common understanding of the Review Team Interview, Commission Interview and Public Hearing portion of an application review.


1. Review of applicable laws, rules and prior applicant instruction related to the interview and public hearing portion of the review of an application.


2. Interviews and Public Hearing


A.  Resources

  1. NACSA Document:  Core Resource: Charter School Applicant Interviewer Guidance
  2. NACSA Document: Good to Govern: Evaluating the Capacity of Charter School Founding Boards
  3. NACSA Document: Measuring Charter School Financial Health
  4. NACSA Document: Steering the Course for Success: Authorizers and Effective Charter School Governance
  5. NACSA Document: Key Questions for Reviewing Virtual Charter School Proposals
  6. NACSA Document: School Quality in the Cloud: Guidelines for Authorizing Virtual Charter Schools
  7. NACSA Document: Viewpoint: Authorizing Online Learning


B.   Review Team Interview

  1. Discuss Review Team Interview Process
  2. Location of interview: Augusta, catchment area, other
  3. Time limit: 90 minutes, 3 hours, no limit
  4. Who from applicant expected to be in attendance: full board, just chair, executive director(head of school), others


C.  Commission Interview

  1. Discuss Commission Interview process
  2. Location for interviews: Augusta or applicant catchment area
  3. Dates: Same date as public hearing  or another date 
  4. Who directs the interview: Commission Chair, Review Team Chair
  5. Format: short applicant presentation followed by questions, just questions
  6. Who from applicant expected to be present: see 2. a. 10.) above
  7. Questions: prepared with open follow up, open to all members, first questions from review team followed by open questioning from Commission


D. The Public Hearing

  1. Discussion of the public hearing process
  2. Location: Augusta or catchment area
  3. Time limit: set length, if so what length, open ended
  4. Applicant attendees: see 2. a. 10.) above
  5. Commission role: ask applicant questions, receive audience input and ask only clarifying questions, other
  6. Other


3.. Closing discussion and requests for more information and resources